Onsiter's Diary

Onsiter's Diary

"If you have a chance, don't hesitate to experience onsite"

It is shared by Mr. Nguyen Huu Tung - Onsiter Vietnam excellent in 2018. Constantly having to pending several personal projects to take onsite tasks from the North to the South, deeply understand the hardships of the work, what makes Tung always keep the spirit of positive work, Is the attitude of willingness to learn, ready to move at any time? What is onsite funny? Today, in order to find answers to these questions, let us interview with Nguyen Huu Tung and listen to his untold stories onsite.



Q1: First, could you please introduce a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Nguyen Huu Tung, dev from Division 2. I have been in the company for more than three years, but due to the nature of my work, I have been onsite for about three years so few people know about it: D

Q2: Last year, you won the "Vietnam Outstanding Onsiter" award, what do you think about this title?
Actually, I'm still very surprised, does not believe that I could receive this award at Rikkeisoft because I think there are many more worthy people. To me, this is a very meaningful encouragement from the Board of Directors of the Company, it makes me believe that people onsite like me are not completely alone:D

Q3: Many people think that going onsite will be boring because of being away from family and close colleagues to work in a completely strange environment. What do you think about this? Have you ever felt like that?
When you are familiar with a familiar environment and are mobilized to go onsite, being surprised with a new environment is inevitable. But when I passed this stage, things went smoothly: D.
In addition, when going onsite, drinking parties with the team or the team building with the company may not be able to participate if the onsite project is busy. I myself has missed the company's two summer trips already: D. However, I have never felt "discouraged" at all. Because each person has a different points of view, so maybe the same situation, one person only feels negative but others find it beautiful. So whether I'm bored or not is up to me, it's important that I really want to find joy where I do it.

Q4: But life as a onsiter, sometimes you miss home?
Homesick, there are many ways that you, 4.0 era already. Even a 2 hour flight is over (laugh)

Q5: What do you think you "get" through going onsite like that?
Learned a lot.
Every time onsite is a time you have the opportunity to be exposed to a new technology, a new environment, new colleagues. The most important thing is to give me the confidence when facing any challenges and make my CV more and more "quality".

Q6: Your most memorable memory on an onsite visit?
The most valuable experience with him is probably the time onsite in the city. Ho Chi Minh. That was the first time traveling away, for the first time on a plane. The feeling of nervous excitement until now when I think back, I still feel rewarded: D.
In Ho Chi Minh, the climate is super pleasant. I was right at the end of the dry season so it was fortunate that the weather was quite nice, until it was time for him to return to begin the rainy season. I met really good colleagues, very enthusiastic, I still hope to see them one day. And that project is also the project that he likes the most, it has taught him a lot of interesting things that will still be valuable in the future.



Q7: So are you ready for the next onsite trips?
Sure. Every time we go onsite, we have the opportunity to experience new things that we would never have at home.

Q8: Do you have any advice for those who dream / plan to go onsite?
Guys, if you have the opportunity to go onsite, do not hesitate to pick up your backpack and go. I am young, I have to go to new horizons, there will certainly be many interesting things waiting for you. Come to work and let customers know that the Rikkei have nothing they can't do. Be strong and believe in yourself :))

At the end of the talk, if to describe Mr. Tung with only three adjectives, I would like to choose passion, enthusiasm and progress. In every word, every story he tells, I always feel behind that a soul longing to discover and renew myself with new things. Perhaps so, the daily difficulties of the lives of a onsiter are not easy to be difficult for him, just like he said "it is important that I find joy in the work I do". Hopefully, Mr. Tung's shares will give Rikkeisofters a spirit, always believe in yourself, don't be afraid to face new challenges, friends! 

Writer: Bach Pham Nhat Linh