See what we have achieved over the years in this showcase of Rikkeisoft’s wide-reaching impacts.  

Milestone History

Where The Dream Begins

“From a group of 6 classmates working in a bedroom office, we have grown up to a hundred million dollar company with more than 1,200 employees, basically thanks to a dream! On our journey of 10 years, we have a skyrocket roadmap with various memorable stories.

Do you want to recall them together? “


Ngo Minh Quan - Director of Rikkei Digital Transformation, was listed in the Top 20 CTO in Vietnam

Ngo Minh Quan – Director of Rikkei Digital Transformation, was listed in the Top 20 CTO in Vietnam. Then on November 25, 2021, Mr. Ngo Minh Quan officially became one of the top 10 young leaders in the CTO summit in 2021.

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Mr. Bui Quang Huy – Vice Chairman and Director of Rikkei Japan, and representative of Rikkeisoft Joint Stock Company (one of Vietnam’s top ten ICT companies) signed a collaboration agreement with Fujikin Corporation Japan in the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR/AR) software.


Reaching new height: Rikkeisoft’s newest office at Nagoya Lucent Tower

Rikkei Japan officially opened a new office located on the 40th floor – the top floor of Nagoya Lucent Tower – one of the most famous architectures of Nagoya – Japan.


Rikkei eKYC was recognized for Sao Khue Awards

Sao Khue Awards is the most prestigious IT Awards in Vietnam. Rikkeisoft was incredibly honored to receive this reward as it marked how much recognition the company’s solutions had received over the year


Rikkeisoft and Oraichain Partnership: To Expand AI Blockchain Technology Globally

Rikkeisoft and Oraichain held a ceremony affirming their commitment to work with each other. This partnership should empower the AI Blockchain Technology of both companies.

According to Reportlinker, the global blockchain market size is expected to grow at a compound aggregate growth rate (CAGR) of 29% to USD 8,071.49 million by 2024, while the demand for AI services is expected to reach $312.4 billion by 2027. Oraichain aims to develop products and services to unlock the full potential of AI and Blockchain. Therefore, in the early stage of Oraichain’s development, the company needed to begin working with the right strategic partner.


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Rikkeisoft won the 2020 Top 10 Vietnam Companies Award for AI/IoT and Outsourcing



Rikkeisoft marks another milestone in its long list of achievements by announcing that it has officially transitioned from a limited company to a corporation. This decision comes with Rikkeisoft reaching 68 billion VND in charter capital, a value close to 3 million USD, and is by a long shot from the 1 billion VND we started with back in 2012.



Osaka office opening

Welcoming the Year of the Rat, we opened an office in Osaka, which started operations on January 06, 2020.

With our new office in Osaka, Rikkei Japan, and Rikkei Co., Ltd. is in a good place to expand its business and can improve both in how we deliver and how we can communicate with our clients.

Rikkei Japan was established in Tokyo in 2016. From then, it has been continuously contributing to the massive growth of the entire Rikkeisoft group. Rickey had opened up opportunities to connect with customers in western Japan with its Osaka office and was ready to set foot in new markets.

With this opportunity opened at the beginning of 2020, Rikkei Co., Ltd. would grow and expand as the first Vietnamese company to be selected in Japan Best Venture 100. Furthermore, it was a prerequisite to achieving additional targets by 2020.


Rikkei Japan - The first Vietnamese company on the Best Venture 100!

On January 1, 2020, Rikkei was selected for Japan’s 100 Best Venture Companies.

The “Best Venture 100” is the selection of 100 venture companies that are expected to grow in the future, judges examining their “vision,” “reason of growth,” “revenue,” and “profit.”

Thanks to the constant effort of the Rikkeisoft Group and the support of our partner companies, we stood equally with the industry giants, Mercari, CS-C, and Kana Navi. Notably, it was a great honor to be the first Vietnamese company to receive this prestigious award.

This award is an important milestone for both Rikkei and its parent company, Rikkeisoft, and a catalyst for Rikkei to further develop to serve its customers.



“To live dangerously!”

That was the motto of Mr. Ta Son Tung – Chairman of the Board of Directors as he led Rikkeisoft to become one of the leading tech enterprises in Vietnam.

“Road to success” is a talk show on Vietnamese Television that interviews highly influential people in the community, especially those who make significant contributions in their respective fields.

In the latest episode, the show host invited Chairman Ta Son Tung to share his story about building and developing a company full of bold, different, ambitious people.

With honest words and deep insights into the IT industry, particularly as it resonates with the Vietnamese people, Chairman Ta Son Tung’s story left a strong impression on the local audience.

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Opening the 10th office in Hanoi: Rikkeisoft’s Official Headquarter

On October 13, 2019, the opening ceremony of a new office at Handico Building took place, to the excitement and joy of the Rikkeisoft family.

The decision to expand to the office located on the 21st floor of the Handico building was one of the strategic goals of 2019. With an area of ​​up to 860m2, the new office was designed with two common meeting rooms, four working rooms of units, an ‘Open Space’ open work area, a Rest-and-Relax area, and many aesthetically pleasing spaces.



We love #Rikkei1000 - Rikkeisoft Appreciation Night

Rikkeisoft achieved the milestone of 1,000 employees after only seven years since the foundation, one year faster than our intended goal. To celebrate this breakthrough, we held an Appreciation Night to show appreciation to our clients. The Night was one of the most extraordinary events a Vietnamese company had held in Japan. CEO Phan The Dung shared: “The most memorable moment to me was that when all Rikkeisoft took a bow and said thank you to the clients with the deepest gratitude. Then we sang out loud the national song without any preparation. At that minute, I was so grateful and proud of what Rikkeisoft had achieved.”



A significant operation milestone: We officially launched two news subsidiaries: Rikkei AI and Rikkei Robotics, and expanded to Ho Chi Minh City

The two children companies would specialize in AI and Robot research and development, providing full-package development, products, and solutions for domestic and international use. In addition, Rikkeisoft increased the number of branches by opening the Ho Chi Minh City office.



The year marked Rikkeisoft’s first partnership with a client in the Global Market (Non-Japan)

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The Forbes 30 Under 30 featured our CEO, Bui Quang Huy

For the second time, the founder of Rikkeisoft has been honored with this prestigious award. Following Chairman Ta Son Tung in 2015, the CEO of Rikkei Japan, Bui Quang Huy, was chosen as one of these 30 in 2018. Rikkeisoft is the only company that has two founders shortlisted in this award. Congratulation!



Rikkeisoft’s Fifth Anniversary

2017 marked five years since the Rikkeisoft foundation. Rikkeisoft celebrated its historic anniversary with 350 people (including clients and employees) in JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi. With the trust and support of notable clients, we set the ambitious goal of increasing the number of employees to 1,000 by 2020; to create better value for the Japanese and Global customers.


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The year marked Rikkeisoft first working with a client in the Vietnamese Market.


Rikkei Japan JSC - a subsidiary of Rikkeisoft, was officially established in Tokyo

With this milestone, Chairman Ta Son Tung announced the objectives of the Japanese branch:

* Firstly, build up a sales physically base to develop the market and enhance customer services in Japan.

* Secondly, focus on services specialized for the Japanese market.

* Lastly, offer aboard working opportunities for Vietnamese talents.

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We expanded to Da Nang

Rikkeisoft had made the way to southern Vietnam with a new branch in Danang. The city is said to be the most livable city in Vietnam, not to mention a flourishing IT industry. With the Danang branch, Rikkeisoft is empowered by more IT talents. Therefore, we are confident of our project productivity to deliver the best service for customers.



Chairman Ta Son Tung featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Vietnam

Thanks to his outstanding achievements, Chairman Ta Son Tung was recognized in Vietnam’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list. That was the first time F30 was announced in Vietnam.

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Rikkeisoft had won the Sao Khue Awards for the first time.

This is the most prestigious IT award in Vietnam founded by VINASA (Vietnam IT Association). Rikkeisoft was commended for its significant impact on the IT Outsourcing industry, especially in the Japanese market.

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Rikkeisoft was honored to be shortlisted for Vietnam’s Top 30 ICT companies

This was the first time a Vietnam IT Association had achieved the position with many strict criteria. In addition, we were the youngest company shortlisted for this award.


Rikkeisoft achieved a million-dollar revenue, which was incredible for a one-year-old startup.


A Spark of Inspiration

On April 6, 2012, Rikkeisoft was founded by six young IT engineers: Ta Son Tung, Phan The Dung, Dao Thanh Chung, Dang Thai Hoa, Bui Quang Huy & Nguyen Quang Ky. The name Rikkei is a simple combination of Ritsumeikan and Keio Universities, the alma maters from which all the founders graduated.

In their early 20s, the team has a burning desire: To create a company that can deliver excellence to Japanese clients and creates more jobs for talented Vietnamese youths.

From Chairman Ta Son Tung's apartment, Rikkeisoft moved to the very first office, located in Creative Building (Tòa nhà Sáng tạo) - Cau Giay, Hanoi

Chairman Ta Son Tung claims that it was one of the most memorable milestones because this marked the moment Rikkeisoft became an official company.


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