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Over 99% data accuracy

Our robust and high-performance AI models easily handle your business’ data needs with little to no mistakes.
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Up to 60% less time & cost requirements

Our potent ecosystem of AI services allows customers to cut down their current time and cost expenditures.

200% more efficient operations

Augment your staff with our AI solutions to massively boost productivity and operational efficiency.

Our AI products

Our AI products help companies save time and cost while improving operational efficiency
Speech Recognition

Vietnamese speech recognition system

Save up to 60% of your time transcribing meetings, searching on the internet, or working with virtual assistants with our 95% accurate Vietnamese speech recognition system.

Vietnamese speech synthesis

Generate natural Vietnamese speech from text for use in virtual assistants, voice broadcasting, navigation systems, and more.

Wakeup word

Wake-up word detection

Detect and accurately identify specific keywords or phrases within speech or audio. Perfect for use in any voice-controlled system, call center operation, or speech therapy.

Voice activity detection

Automatically identifies and categorizes speech with over 95% accuracy and a 1/15 real-time factor. Suitable for biometric authentication, digital onboarding, smart home automation, attendance monitoring, and many more.

e-Know-your-customer solutions

Verifies and authenticates individual identities for eCommerce websites, medical records, and video games at low false acceptance rates.

Face Scan

Face recognition

Utilize facial recognition algorithms and techniques to identify and/or verify individuals based on their unique facial features, with up to over 99% accuracy even with facemasks. Features liveness check, face matching, face search, and more.

Data analytic

Automatically analyze and forecast data points collected over time. Useful for website traffic analysis, financial forecasting, patient monitoring, quality control, etc.

Better understand our Artificial Intelligence competency

Download our complete AI portfolio, including our latest case studies & key professionals.

Our Artificial Intelligence expertise

Data Analytic
Speech Processing
Computer Vision

Industries we cover

Tech stack

Programming languages
Tensorflow Lite
Core ML
Scikit Learn
Embedded devices
Cloud platform

Better understand our Artificial Intelligence competency

Download our complete AI portfolio, including our latest case studies & key professionals.

Case studies showcase


Generative AI-based Resume Analysis Solution

Vietnam | Human Resources | Artificial Intelligence

HR executives saved time and effort on two gargantuan tasks that are now all automated, proving that generative AI models can greatly assist organizations of all sizes regarding human resources-related matters.

AI Anime Generator

Reduce Time and Cost with Generative AI-based Character Image Creator​

Japan | Entertainment | Artificial Intelligence

The client, the operator of a live chat-streaming application, wanted their avatar characters to have daily outfit changes – something human artists cannot do.

AI ID Info Extraction

Improve Verification with Large Language Model-based ID Information Extractor

Singapore | BFSI | Artificial Intelligence

The client’s Forex trading platform requires a strict verification process to prevent fraud and scams by using AI. 

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Customer testimonials

Saito Makoto
Saito Makoto Executive Officer CTO General Manager of System Development Division
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Everyone was full of motivation, energy, and vigor. I was thoroughly impressed and felt certain that they would continue to grow and develop.
Shimamura Nobuhiko
Shimamura Nobuhiko CEO at Studione63
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They work hard and earnestly to make proposals that suit our needs, and they make sure to meet deadlines and deliver on time. They also advise us on building a better system, and I think they are a wonderful company.
Onodera Shuichi
Onodera ShuichiCEO at Datacom Corporation
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I would like to support Rikkeisoft not only in Vietnam but around the world.

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