Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Your users don’t like computer bugs, so do we. Make sure your product is flawless with our rigorous testing services.

Quality Assurance & Testing Services

As coding is complicated work, testing is an essential step before launching any IT projects to find all system deficiencies & miscellaneous flaws. Therefore, let us implement the most suitable testing strategy for your project, so you can proudly present it to your colleagues & clients.

Automation Test

We use leading software & tools to automatically scan your projects for vulnerability.Technology allows us to increase coverage accurately, reduce QA costs, and give a transparent product overview. Our experts are here to customize the testing range and speed up the adoption of the automation test

Manual Test

Nothing beats human eyes in finding errors affecting real-end users’ experience. Our QA testers choose the best testing process for your project and patiently spot its defects.

Unit Test

If you need to judge the quality of a single module you’re working on, our qualified testers can help you find if it is good to use. We combine different testing techniques & tools to deliver reliable results quickly.

System Test

Our system test service evaluates whether your systems’ different components work seamlessly like a clock. It’s a necessary test to spot major faults & avoid costly fixes afterward.

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We proudly to be a trusted partners of clients worldwide over 10 years
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Failure-proof your project with our deep testing expertise

Our Working Model

Offshore Delivery Team

Offshore Delivery Team

Our Offshore Delivery Team meets various technical requirements of different businesses. We focus on staying responsive & maintain strong communication with our oversea clients.

A project-based structure is designed to deliver tailor-made solutions for a highly-targeted outcome. From project managers, developers to business analysts & designers, all team members understand your specific needs & work toward faster implementation, lower cost.

Technology Stack

Our working process

Discovery Meeting


Preliminary meetings are held between the two parties. After that, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.

Proposal & Prototype

Gather Information

Determine the development goals, and conduct business analysis and market research to lay the groundwork for the rest of the process.



We propose the best strategic solution to clients’ requirements from the gathered information. The master plan is then divided into sections for design, content, programming and individual plans for each team.

Q&A Testing

Implement & Develop

Our team of professionals carries out the plan while maintaining close communication and updating client reports.

Q&A Testing

QA & testing

Test the functions and designs in a staging environment without giving access to all internet users to make sure the outcome is bug-free

Delivery & Maintaining

Launch & Maintain

Clients should have a good-looking, well-written, functional project ready for launch. Then we continue to manage and update to ensure optimal results and constant improvement.

Our team is eager to help you overcome your challenge & create profound impact

Industries We Serve

We excel in delivering the best-suited digital solution, meeting all requirements of small start-ups, mid-size businesses or large enterprises across various industries


We deliver the best-suited digital solution for all business sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, across industries.


Customer’s Stories

We create diverse, complex, web and mobile solutions for any business need. Our knowledge and experience translate to added value and peace of mind for our customers. With Rikkei you get quality software and perfect service.

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