Untangle Lunar New Year Preparations with a Mobile Application

The client, a big technology conglomerate in Vietnam, wanted to help Vietnamese people simplify and streamline their preparation process for Lunar New Year with a handy mobile application.

Lunar New Year

About the client

Mobile Application

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

Lunar New Year (LNY) is Vietnam’s biggest holiday season, similar to Christmas in Western countries. As with Christmas, the amount of prep work needed for each LNY is astronomical, adding to people’s already busy schedules.

Seeing an opportunity to assist Vietnamese people in LNY preparations, the client – one of the biggest Vietnamese technology conglomerates – looked for a partner to develop their mobile application idea.

Project Overview




Python, Django, Kotlin, Swift, AWS




2 months


Speedy delivery

One of the main goals of the development project is to deliver the final product in a short period of time. The entire development cycle was requested to be completed in two months, which required Rikkeisoft’s development team to find a way to cut down on time while also not compromising quality.

Multiple features and third-party integrations

The client intended for the product to be a be-all-end-all solution for LNY guides. This made the list of required features extensive, with a nontrivial amount of information hubs and third-party integrations.

Improvement of brand image and awareness

As big as they are, the client was not a household name in Vietnam. By creating an app that was more friendly to casual users, the client wanted to get their name out as an everyday app publisher, further improving their brand image and awareness.


Lunar New Year Handbook Mobile Application

The final product from Rikkeisoft’s development team was quickly developed using a bigger team compared to other projects to meet the harsh time requirements. The handbook app was created with a wide range of helpful features to assist in LNY preparations, such as:
  •   – Chatbot: The application’s chatbot serves as a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. It can provide answers to common questions about Vietnamese LNY traditions and preparations, as well as about the functions of the application itself.
  •   – Lunar calendar: The application comes with the Lunar Calendar for convenient date-checking without having to use other applications or handbooks.
  •   – LNY activity maps and guides: Using Google Maps API, the application provides users with a list of LNY-themed activities in their area, as well as detailed information for them.
  •   – News & information: The integration of different news sources allows users to stay up-to-date with happenings surrounding the holiday season.
  •   – Shopping guide: Premade shopping lists with purchasing information make shopping for LNY a breeze.
  •   – LNY-themed minigames: Simple single-player games based around LNY traditions.
  •   – AR Camera: By utilizing Android and iOS’ native libraries and 3D models, the application’s camera feature helps users take exciting and fun pictures with the various icons of LNY.
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The mobile application was delivered in two months, as required by the client. Upon release, the app was a massive success, thanks to its convenience and ease of use. The app was widely adopted and rated by Vietnamese users, and it was highly appreciated during the turbulent time that is the LNY season. Rikkeisoft’s ability to quickly allocate resources towards priority projects, as well as their expertise in mobile app development, was appreciated by the client. Future collaborations between Rikkeisoft and the client company are currently under talks.

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