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Our data services

We assist businesses in building and reinforcing data utilization strategies, providing knowledge and skills required across data maturity stages.

Advisory & consulting

From conducting use case assessments to devising data implementation roadmaps, we bridge the gap between strategy and technology, crafting a pathway to address complex data challenges.

Data operations

Data operations

Employing industry-leading practices in data warehousing and data governance, we transform scattered data across organizations into valuable business assets for analytics and business intelligence.

data analytics

Advanced analytics & data science

By developing concise analytics dashboards and utilizing AI/ML-powered forecasting models, we optimize the use of data in modern businesses, empowering better risk overseeing and opportunities capitalization.

Cloud Managed Services

Data integration

We design bespoke analytics applications to assist in data collection and insights discovery. These user-friendly, integrated applications promote operational excellence and foster a strong data-driven culture.

Our data expertise

Data Lake
Data Visualization

Industries we cover

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Reduce outlays on operations by up to 40%

With an extensive understanding of advanced analytics data models and their practical applications, we introduce innovative strategies for businesses to gain profound insights into their organizations and forecast future scenarios. By harnessing credible data, businesses can exert control over expenditures and optimize resource allocation for higher ROI.

Accelerate data processing by 45% on average

We streamline the data flow and cater to intricate requirements for data integration, aggregation, and advanced reporting using tailored technologies for data warehouse, data lake, and data automation. Our data solutions relieve the internal team of the burden of manual data handling while providing professionals with seamless access to business intelligence.

Enhance data utilization efficiency by up to 80%

Through a robust ETL process, we ensure exceptionally high levels of data accuracy, consistency, and integrity that facilitate trust across enterprise-wide analytics. We also offer diverse data visualization techniques to facilitate the instant comprehension of critical information, triggering impactful actions.

Find the tech stack you need

Data source & cloud data storage
Cloud data storage & data warehouse
SQL Sever
Azure Blob
Azure Data Lake
Azure Cosmos
Azure Synapse
Big data
Azure Data Lake
Data visualization
Power Bi

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Our case studies

United States | Information Technology | Big Data

The company’s revenue is mainly generated through individual orders, and they need a way to examine the revenue stream on a broader scale in real time. Therefore, they have looked to RKTech – Rikkeisoft’s US-based subsidiary – as a development partner.

United States | Power BI | Big Data

Looking for a way to extract insights into the performance of these operations, the client contacted RKTech to develop a solution that can evaluate these valuable KPIs from their vast data ocean.

Vietnam | Finance | E-Wallet

A finance organization chose to develop a crypto wallet application for both long-time investors and newcomers to the scene alike.

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