Improve Customer Experience With Digital Onboarding

A newcomer in the Vietnamese e-wallet scene wanted to streamline its users’ onboarding experience with a Digital Onboarding solution.

About the Client

Financial Serrvices
Face Matching
Machine Learning

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

As stated above, the client wanted their users to be able to sign up for the service without having to go to a physical kiosk, hence the need for Digital Onboarding. The solution would have to have Fraud Detection capabilities and be on-premises due to the specific security requirements attached to the BFSI industry.

Project Overview


Financial Services


OCR, Face Matching, Face Vector, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Profiling & Cross-Checking




Mar 2021 - Sep 2021


Difficult on-premises implementation

Being on-premises brings its own challenges to the development team and the client company. The initial cost for the service is high – space, hardware, and maintenance staff can all be very expensive to acquire at the start.

Compared to off-premises (cloud) services, it is undeniably more difficult for a brand-new start-up to have its software required to run on-premises.

Vietnam policy changes

The product is developed in between a massive shift in Vietnamese policies (replacing national IDs and digitizing citizens’ data and information). In response to this, Rikkeisoft had to modify and update the final product to comply with new government laws and policies on top of developing the product itself.

Short development timeframe

The client gave a timeframe of six months for the project, from start to deployment. This added another layer of complexity, as the short timeframe required Rikkeisoft to be as efficient as possible in development while ensuring the functionality and security of the final product were up to standard.

Improve Customer Experience With Digital Onboarding


eKnow-your-customer system

Rikkeisoft utilized its own eKnow-your-customer (eKYC) system product as a solution to the client’s demands and challenges. The system had unique selling points that directly solved the mentioned challenges from the client, which included but were not limited to:

  • On-premise deployment:
    Rikkeisoft’s eKYC system can be set up in and operated from the client company’s servers, meaning that they always have a firm grasp over the security of their users’ data.
  • Offline capability:
    The product works even during network outages, greatly reducing the threat of losing data.
  • Easy customization and integration:
    Developers can easily customize the base eKYC system to match the client’s requirements, and likewise, the product can be modified to be highly compatible with the client’s pre-existing ecosystem
  • Flexible billing models to fit a variety of business scales:
    The client can choose how they want to be billed for the implementation of the product, depending on their own company’s size and scale.

By improving and combining this pre-existing product with constant input and communication from the client, Rikkeisoft was able to deliver a satisfactory product within the time obligation.

OCR accuracy
> 0 %
Failure rate
< 0 %
Processing time per transaction
< 0 s


Since its deployment, the new digital onboarding process has attracted more users to come and try using the e-Wallet. The average time for signing up went from 30 minutes at physical kiosks to only 10 in-app, allowing for a swift and seamless user experience that is made possible thanks to the underlying eKYC system.

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