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The client, one of the fastest-growing banks in Vietnam, needed a solution to support sales representatives in their daily workflow.

Smart Mobile Application

About the client

Mobile application

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a prominent bank in Vietnam with nearly 30 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. With over 160 branches and 10,000 employees in Vietnam, the bank is growing strong in the nation. As they developed their infrastructure, the client found that they needed to provide their sales representatives with a solution to support them in managing their customers, contracts, KPIs, and plans, as well as a way for higher-ups to track representatives’ performance.

Project Overview




React, .NET




3 months


Simplifying account management

One of the main goals of the development project is to simplify account management. The client wanted an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps sales representatives efficiently manage accounts. This might include a centralized information hub and seamless access to transaction histories for sales representatives.

Reducing sales representatives’ processing time

The current loaning process is done through physical forms, taking representatives a lot of time to process applications manually. Hence, the client wanted the final product to be able to greatly reduce the time required for representatives and customers to go through with a loan.

Improving sales experience and efficiency

The overall sales representatives’ selling experience could also be improved with the development of the project. The client asked for several quality-of-life features that would significantly aid representatives in their selling process. As this is a brand-new product, it is much easier to have these features incorporated here from the beginning rather than shoehorning them elsewhere.


Mobile App

Smart Sales Mobile Application

Rikkeisoft’s development team worked hard to come up with a fitting solution for the client – a mobile application. The application, aptly named “Smart Sales”, has multiple features that greatly streamline the average representative’s selling process:

  •  - Centralized Customer Management: Sales representatives can now manage their entire customer portfolio within their mobile phones. Customers are separated into different categories according to their debt repayment dates, making navigation between customer profiles and scheduling payment reminders highly convenient for representatives.
  •  - Digital Loan Application Process: Using an Optical Character Recognition system, sales representatives can now create and sign digital loan applications just by scanning customers’ identification documents. The loan application process can also be kept track of anywhere, anytime.
  •  - Smart Selling Tools: The application comes with extensive built-in tools for sales representatives regarding loans – they can easily look up car prices and credit information, calculate loans, and convert foreign currency without ever leaving the Smart Sales mobile application.
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The mobile application saved the client’s sales representative lots of time and effort selling loan products and packages to end customers. The wide adoption rate of the application within the client’s organization has proven its usefulness to its target demographic. Rikkeisoft’s development team was praised for the quality of the final product, as well as their responsiveness throughout the entire project.

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