February 26, 2024

Rikkei Digital and Onnet Consulting Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation for Businesses

On February 22, Rikkeisoft and Onnet Consulting inked a memorandum of strategic collaboration. Both parties pledged to leverage each other’s strengths to jointly advance the goal of enhancing digital solution provisioning, expanding market reach, and providing comprehensive toolsets to elevate operational efficiency for businesses.

The signing ceremony was attended by Rikkeisoft’s Deputy General Director, Mr. Ha Huy Luan, and Rikkei Digital’s Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Ngô Minh Quân. On the side of Onnet Consulting, Rikkeisoft welcomed the participation of Mr. Quách Huỳnh Như Hợp, CEO of Onnet Consulting, Mr. Nguyễn Thế Hải, Chief Commercial Officer, and Ms. Nguyễn Phương Linh, Brand Marketing Specialist.

Onnet Consulting currently holds the top position as Odoo’s number-one partner in the APAC market, boasting extensive experience in Odoo ERP deployment for numerous Vietnamese enterprises and within the region. The company is also highly regarded in e-commerce and ERP, thanks to client trust and significant achievements.

Meanwhile, Rikkei Digital stands as one of the largest partners of Lark Suite, with considerable expertise in advising and deploying digital office solutions for enterprises. Currently, Rikkei Digital offers three main service categories related to the Lark Suite platform: discounted license services, premium support services, and deployment services.

The strategic collaboration between Rikkei Digital and Onnet Consulting promises to deliver exceptional benefits for businesses. The integration of Odoo ERP and the Lark Suite collaboration platform not only enhances managerial capabilities and streamlines operational processes but also improves communication effectiveness and collaboration within enterprises. Consequently, businesses can enhance flexibility, increase work productivity, and simultaneously reduce costs.

Specifically, both parties will promote cooperation in consulting and deploying Odoo and Lark Suite solutions. Exchange of experts will support efficient training and technology transfer. Collaborative marketing efforts and participation in events and seminars organized by either party represent significant commitments in this cooperative relationship.

During the signing ceremony, Deputy General Director Ha Huy Luan shared Rikkeisoft’s journey and market expansion strategy for 2024. He expressed hope that the extensive collaboration between the two parties would lead them to pioneer businesses in the field of digital transformation.

CEO Quách Huỳnh Như Hợp of Onnet Consulting highly praised the quality and services of Rikkeisoft and Rikkei Digital, expressing confidence that the upcoming partnership between the two sides will soon win over major domestic and regional clients.

Also, during the meeting, Rikkeisoft and Onnet Consulting further discussed the needs and preferences of Lark and Odoo users in general, helping both parties formulate appropriate plans for the next phase. Representatives from both sides agreed that integrating Lark with Odoo is the ideal choice to create optimal solutions, making it easier for businesses to access and utilize, thus elevating business performance to new heights.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) marks not only the beginning but also the foundation for the two parties to engage in extensive strategic cooperation, share experiences, and pave the way for sustainable growth in the future.

In 2024, Rikkeisoft and Rikkei Digital will continue to accelerate their efforts in consulting and implementing robust digital transformation solutions for businesses. By combining the Lark Suite and Odoo solutions, Vietnamese and regional businesses will achieve the highest return on their investment.

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