November 3, 2019

Onsiter’s Diary

"If you get the chance, don't hesitate to go onsite"


This was shared by Mr. Nguyen Huu Tung – Best Onsiter 2018. Constantly having to take several projects from both North and South, though he deeply understands hardship, how does Tung keep such a positive attitude? Is it willingness to learn? What’s fun onsite? Today let’s sit down with him and see if he will answer our questions.


Q1: First of all, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Nguyen Huu Tung, a developer from Division 2 . I have been with the company for more than three years, but due to the nature of my work, I have been onsite for most of that period, meaning few people know about me.

Q2: Last year, you won the award for "Best Onsiter". What do you think of that?

Actually, I'm still very surprised because I think that there are people at this company more deserving than myself. To me, it’s an incredibly meaningful endorsement from the leadership of this company, so it helps me believe that people onsite, like me, are not completely alone.

Q3: Many people think that going onsite will be lonely because they have to work far away from loved ones in a brand new environment. What do you think? Have you ever felt bored or alone?

When you are in a familiar place and are mobilized to go onsite, being shocked at the transition is inevitable. But when I passed this stage, things started going smoothly.

Being onsite, means having to miss drinking parties and team-building exercises, if onsite work is especially busy. I myself have missed two company trips already. That being said, I have never felt discouraged. Every person is different, so maybe a situation in which one feels negative, others might find beautiful. So whether I'm bored or not isn’t that important, it’s more important that I find joy in the work I do.

Q4: But as an onsiter, don’t you miss home??

We live in the 4.0 era, there are countless ways of dealing with homesickness. I could even take a two-hour flight. (laugh)

Q5: What do you think you "gained" through going onsite?

I learned a lot.

Every time you’re onsite, you have the opportunity to be exposed to new technology, new environments, and new colleagues. The most important thing was that it gave me more confidence and it made my CV more "quality".

Q6: What was the most memorable onsite visit for you?

The most memorable visit was probably my time onsite in Ho Chi Minh City. That was my first time traveling far from home and even my first time on a plane. That feeling of nervousness from back then, I actually found it kind of rewarding. 

In Ho Chi Minh City, the climate is super pleasant. I came right at the end of the dry season, so the weather was quite nice, until I had to return home at the start of the rainy season. I met some good, enthusiastic colleagues, who I hope to see again some day. And that project happened to be one I was very interested in, so it taught me a lot of things that will still be valuable in the future.


Q7: So, are you ready for the next onsite trip?

Sure. Every time we go onsite, we have the opportunity to experience new things that we never could otherwise.

Q8: Do you have any advice for those who dream of or plan to go onsite?

Guys, if you have the opportunity to go onsite, do not hesitate to take your backpack and go. I was young and I got to go on new horizons. If you go, there will certainly be many interesting things waiting for you. Go onsite and let customers know that there is nothing Rikkei can’t do. Be strong and believe in yourself :))

 – – –

Since the end of our discussion, if I had to describe Tung in only three words, I would choose: passion, enthusiasm and progress. In every word, in every story he tells, I always feel there he has a soul yearning to discover and renew itself with new things. Maybe the daily routines of an onsiter aren't easy, but Tung said "it’s more important that I find joy in the work I do". Hopefully, Tung's story will motivate other Rikkeisofters, helping them to always believe in themselves, and to not be afraid of new challenges! 

Writer: Bach Pham Nhat Linh 

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