April 26, 2023

How to Extract Code from A Screenshot with Accuracy?

Programmers often come across situations when they want to use a code that is present in an image, such as a screenshot. For example, you might want to use a code that is shown in a video tutorial.

In such circumstances, you can approach the situation in different ways. We have created a list of a few methods with the help of which you can extract code from a screenshot.

Ways To Extract Code from an Image

There are multiple methods to access code from an image. Here, we have listed 4 of these methods. Let’s explain them one by one.

1. Use an OCR tool

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that is able to identify characters such as alphabets, punctuation marks, and numbers in an image and convert them into a text format. The purpose of this is to access the valuable data inside an image, such as a screenshot of a code.

OCR technology is a part of multiple online text extraction tools. These tools take images as input and convert them into text. These tools use techniques such as feature recognition and pattern recognition to identify characters inside an image.

Given in the following is an example of how one such online tool extracted text from image. This is the image that we entered in the tool:

Following are the results shown by the OCR tool:

As you can see, the code has been successfully extracted from the image and can be copied from here.

2. Manually Transcribe the Code

This is another way of extracting code from a screenshot. This method includes typing down the whole code manually by looking at the image. You can open the screenshot of the code and the software in which you will write the code side by side for ease.

You can use manual extraction only if you have a lot of spare time on your hands. It is a very time-consuming task. Moreover, there is a high chance of error when extracting code manually. This can cause many issues because a code is usually affected hugely, even if there is a small mistake, for example, the wrong use of a semi-colon. Yes, such seemingly minor mistakes can destroy your entire code.

That’s why manual text extraction requires a lot of precision and focus.

3. Use a Code Recognition Tool

Code recognition tools are similar to OCR tools, except that these tools are specifically designed for image codes. OCR tools are mainly used to extract text from an image, but a code recognition tool is exclusively used for programming codes.

These tools have vast applications in things like barcode and QR code scanning as well. They can extract all the information inside these codes and perform the function that is given in that code.

4. Ask for the Original Code

If all the above-mentioned methods aren’t working for you, you can try contacting the owners or creators of the code and request them to send you the code. Most of the time, these coders are fairly active and respond to such queries very often. However, if you are going to use their code for yourself, you might have to give them credits if you ever publish your work.

However, sometimes codes might not be available to use for free, and the coder might refuse your request. If this is the case, then you can just explore new sources because the internet is a very wide platform for finding new information.


Code extraction from an image can be done by using various techniques and methods. You can use any one of them, depending on the circumstances. Text extraction tools and code recognition tools are one of these methods. However, if these tools don’t work because of image problems, you can extract the code manually or request the owner to share it with you.

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