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This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a non-profit industry research entity backed up by the Singapore Government and ranked among top 5 market research companies in Singapore.

In the face of huge amounts of data, the client found it extremely inefficient to perform all the tasks of collecting respondent contacts, sending out surveys, and creating reports manually. Therefore, they were in acute need of a streamlined and automated data management process that could produce high-quality insights at much greater speed.

Project Overview


Market Research


Power Apps, Power Automate, Databricks, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Azure Data Factory






Excessive use of Excel files

The client’s heavy reliance on Excel as their primary data management tool led to a tangled web of information. This not only complicated data tracking and retrieval but also carried a higher risk of errors due to manual data entry and potential formula mistakes.

Data Inaccuracy and Disorganization

Manual work entailed a variety of data quality issues, such as inaccurate, unorganized, and duplicated data, making it more difficult to obtain reliable insights, reports, and forecasts. This certainly had a negative impact on the decision-making process in particular and business operations in general.

Productivity Drains

The tedious and error-prone nature of manual data management workflow sapped the client’s productivity. There were resources spent on rectifying mistakes and reconciling discrepancies, diverting the client’s attention from strategic tasks that actually drove business growth.


Incorporating workflow automation using the Power Platform

Power App

To improve the client’s efficiency and reduce human errors, Rikkeisoft suggested the incorporation of Power Platform into the existing workflow, where data entry and data reporting would be fully automated.

To be more specific, after collecting data from four different sources (.xls, .txt, .csv, APIs), the staff in charge would transfer it to the Power System for data mapping. While in the past they would have to compile data into an Excel master list manually, the Power System will now speed up the process and create a master list with pinpoint accuracy.

After that, the staff in charge will proceed with sending surveys and collecting survey results. Then when it comes to translating results into reports, instead of using code as before, the staff just need to submit what they have gathered to the Power System for it to take care of the rest.

Data accuracy rates
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Working efficiency
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Reduction in the number of staff
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The client is happy with Rikkeisoft’s solution, where human and technology cooperate and complement each other smoothly. The new workflow has not only ensured a higher level of data completeness and consistency, but also helped the client save time and efforts aggregating data.

“This challenging project requires experts who are not only technically proficient, but also have a solid understanding of the industry. The team is performing excellently in the early phases of the project.”, the client stated.

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