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This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a prominent shopping mall developer and real estate leasing business with more than 6 commercial facilities across major cities in Vietnam. Currently, with a workforce of 350+ employees, they lease retail space to over 250 international and domestic brands.

Project Overview


Retail & eCommerce


PHP Laravel, Flutter, Mautic




9 months


Develop an online sales channel for tenants

As part of their digital acceleration roadmap, the client aimed to enhance customer experience by offering their tenants additional online sales channels alongside their physical stores. The new eCommerce marketplace allows tenants to promote and sell their products online, increasing the client’s appeal as a real estate property owner. This expansion includes the development of an eCommerce website and mobile app.

New eCommerce stores based on existing systems

Since the client already had an official website and mobile app, they required the new eCommerce stores to integrate with their existing systems to leverage their customer base. Therefore, custom development was necessary instead of using off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento.


Rikkeisoft competed against 5+ other vendors and was chosen due to our detailed proposals that aligned with their technology requirements.

Custom-built eCommerce marketplace

We transformed their website into an eCommerce marketplace where tenants can create online stores and sell their products. The marketplace was designed with a focus on providing a seamless customer journey from browsing to purchasing. Additionally, we upgraded their mobile app for faster speed and added more eCommerce functionalities.

Key features of the eCommerce stores include:

  • Payment integration with popular providers in Vietnam, including Visa, Paypal, and m-wallets.
  • A custom content management system.
  • A loyalty program with reward points.
  • Integration with an open-source affiliate marketing automation tool.
  • Streamlined shopping experience from online to offline.

Increase in total revenue
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Increase in active mobile users
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Traditional businesses users after deployment
0 +


The new eCommerce marketplaces have been well-received by many tenants, particularly those who lacked the time and financial resources to invest in their own eCommerce websites. As a result, over 50 traditional businesses successfully transitioned online within the first few months of the system’s launch.

With the optimized mobile app, the client experienced a 30% increase in the number of active mobile users, while total revenues rose by 20% after the implementation.

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