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This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a creative design company that offers online tools for stock photo discovery and image editing. They operate more than 5 eCommerce websites, selling subscriptions for their digital services to both B2C and B2B clients internationally.

Founded in 2000, the client has expanded their business to over 20 countries and achieved an annual revenue of over 19 million USD in 2022. They currently employ more than 250 individuals working across 5 different brands within their ecosystem.

Project Overview


Retail & eCommerce


NextJS, PHP Lavarel, Redis, ReactJS, AWS, Elasticsearch




9 months


With over 20 years of operation, the client has built a loyal base of B2B customers, particularly enterprises that rely on stock photos on a daily basis. In addition to their stock photo websites for B2C buyers, the client aimed to develop a separate website specifically for their B2B buyers. This would enhance the buying experience, increase sales from existing customers, and attract new corporate clients online.


eCommerce website with B2B features

Rikkeisoft created a new eCommerce website based on their existing B2C websites, leveraging their proven designs, code logics, and framework. However, we refined every aspect of the website to cater to the needs of B2B buyers, introducing the following key features:
  • A B2B-oriented UI/UX design
  • An advanced search engine to efficiently filter a large number of stock photos
  • A credit system for corporate members and departments to pay for each downloaded photo
  • Custom B2B invoicing and payment options
  • Bulk download capabilities

AWS and Next.js for speed and ease of use

To ensure seamless data synchronization and system integration with their existing systems on AWS, we deployed the new B2B website on the same platform. Additionally, we suggested utilizing Next.js for frontend development, resulting in improved website speed specifically for this use case.
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The website is currently being used by over 11,000 corporate users worldwide on a daily basis. The client continues to collaborate with Rikkeisoft to develop new functionalities for the website, enhancing the user experience and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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