Improving Human Resources’ Efficiency with Generative AI-based Resume Analysis Solution

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This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

This case study is one of Rikkeisoft’s own Human Resources Department. Rikkei AI developed the solution to help the HR department be more productive and efficient with resume analysis.

Project Overview


Human Resources


PyTorch, OpenAI, WebSocket, Langchain




2 months


As Rikkeisoft ramped up its development, the company needed to continuously recruit for various technical positions to match customers’ demands and requirements. This, in turn, created an influx of applications that needed to be managed by the Human Resources department.

The first step of the resume management process was to enter the applicants’ data from their resumes into the HR system. Because of the large number of applications received, this is a tedious and mind-numbing procedure for our employees, especially when the time and resources taken by it can be better used elsewhere.

After data entry comes screening, analyzing, and matching the resumes to an available position. Similar to the previous step, the huge amount of applications made it arduous and time-consuming to go through each and every application for vital information that would help place them in the right resume pile.


Generative AI-based Automatic Resume Analysis & Matching Model.

To address the HR department’s challenges, Rikkei AI proposed implementing a Generative AI-based Resume Analysis & Matching Model to save them time and effort in sorting and matching resumes to compatible positions.

Firstly, Rikkei AI’s model assists with data extraction from resumes. Applicants would send in their resumes via Rikkeisoft’s recruitment website, which are then added to the CV pool. From here, the AI model will categorize these resumes based on the information provided and extract the information to add to the HR database. This process is done automatically, freeing up human resources for other more demanding tasks.

After extraction, the resumes will be automatically matched to a position previously requested by Rikkeisoft’s divisions. The HR executives will be notified of matches made by the AI model, to which they can give approval and have the resumes added to the in-house job request tool for divisions to contact.

resumes automatically screened & analyzed since implementation
0 +
reduction in time needed to analyze and match resumes
0 %
parsing accuracy
0 %


The numbers show that Rikkeisoft’s HR department is incredibly happy and satisfied with the solution. By implementing the model, HR executives saved time and effort on two gargantuan tasks that are now all automated, proving that generative AI models can greatly assist organizations of all sizes regarding human resources-related matters.

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