Gamify the Stock Trading Learning Process

Wanting to launch a new business focused on educating about stock trading, a Japanese company looked to gamification to make the learning experience more fun and accessible for everyone.
Gamify Stock Trading Learning Process

About the Client

Mobile app

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a Japanese start-up looking to better people’s lives through digital offerings. Founded in 2018, their current main product is a mourning community platform, allowing people to honor the lives of their lost loved ones online. With a need for expansion, the client decided to create and maintain a stock trading education platform that is fun and engaging for users while also being as informative as possible. Rikkeisoft was brought onto the project as the software developer, providing both frontend and backend development and any post-release support.

Project Overview




ReactNative, PHP, Laravel, AWS




Jan 2022 - Jul 2022


Idea Realization – Football-themed Stock Trading App

The client’s product idea is an app that ties stock trading with football management. Companies are represented as players – you can buy, sell and trade stocks just like how managers trade their players. You can build up your stock portfolio as a football team and see how your entire “team” fluctuates in real time. Users can connect with each other to compare their team’s earnings in leaderboards or to talk with fellow players.

Functionality changes

The project was in an infantile stage. Hence there existed no constants – anything can change at any given time. Due to this, the application’s infrastructure is also prone to changing, making it difficult for developers to build advanced parts of the app.


AWS-based infrastructure

Since the project did not require the implementation of physical servers on-premise, the team chose to build the sales platform on Amazon Web Services, a computing service provided by Amazon. With over 200 tools in the service, the development team can easily find the most fitting solutions to the client’s requirements. The infrastructure can also be adapted to new changes in the project plans quickly so as not to hinder the development process.

Football Management-like Application

As specified by the customer, a stock trading mobile application with the appearance of a football manager game. Within the application, users can:
  • Purchase, sell and trade stocks, both as simulations and in real life.
  • Have detailed gain/loss reports.
  • Build up their asset portfolio, with evaluations updated in real-time.
  • Compare and compete with other traders through expansive social functions.
Football Management-like Application
Football Management-like Application 2

Time & Material Contract

Rather than a fixed-price contract, the project is executed under a time & material contract – the final price is based on manhours and expended resources. Using this type of contract gives the development team a realistic general scope of the project while accounting for any changes in the actual development process.
Reduced turn around time to produce a quotation.
0 %
Implemented an automated inventory process.
0 +
Streamlined pre-manufacturing processes.
0 +


The application was successfully deployed to application stores with great responses from customers. User communities have been formed within the Japanese stock investing circles, actively sharing their teams of companies and their rankings on the leaderboards.

The development team from Rikkeisoft is highly rated by the client for their professionalism and flexibility, adapting to rapidly changing requirements at a high pace.

Social reaction

Users showing their “teams” of stocks on social media.

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