Build an Online Forex Trading System

Needing modern online platforms for their Forex trading system, a Singaporean fintech company looked to Rikkeisoft to help them research and develop these platforms.

About the Client

Web development

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a Singapore-based start-up founded in 2017, mainly focusing on the Japanese market. Their primary goal is to assist brokers and traders of Forex, CFD, and securities through a variety of solutions based on MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. Needing a new Forex CRM system to complement their existing ecosystem, the client was introduced to Rikkeisoft as a potential development partner, thanks to its prior experience in software development for the BFSI industry.

Project Overview




Vue.js, Node.js, Flutter, AWS, Lambda, Amazon IVS, Google Cloud Vision




Feb 2022 - Now


Idea Realization

For the product idea, the client wanted their product to be complex, with all the functionalities of other popular online trading platforms, for Forex or other trading products. These functions include, among others:
  • Account creation & deletion
  • Trading
  • Close position
  • Cash deposit & withdrawal
  • Social media login
The client also had preexisting UI elements and services required to be used in the project.

Lack of Human Resources

Although a fintech company, the client was a startup in its initial phases. The desired product had too big of a scale for their team at the time, and there were simply not enough people in their in-house development team.


Outsourcing IT talents

Since the lack of human resources was the primary concern for the client, their development team must be outsourced to someone with prior experience in the finance sector and more human resources. Rikkeisoft easily solved this problem with their dedicated teams of developers and an extensive portfolio of past projects in the banking and finance Services industry.
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Complex Forex Trading System

To meet the client’s requirements for their trading platform, Rikkeisoft developed a complete ecosystem of websites and applications that are interconnected:
  • One single administrator backend with three different frontends for different target demographics.
  • Two mobile applications for Forex trading and information
  • Based on the client’s UI designs, research and develop web services using AWS
Highlight features of the apps and websites include:
  • Social media login
  • Two-step authentication
  • Portfolio management
  • Market monitoring
  • Gain & loss reports


The client was highly satisfied with the team at Rikkeisoft, praising their effective communication and on-time delivery of the services. Everything was deployed as required, and user reception to the new online trading systems has been very positive, marking the project as successful.

Forex Trading System
Screenshot of the web app’s position management, with tabs for portfolio management, funds withdrawal/deposit
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