Vietnam stands out in the digital race against Covid-19


It has been over a year since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 that shakes the whole world to its core. In this battlefield against the viral infection named Covid-19, all countries were exactly on the same page as the virus knew no such things as borders and demographics. More than ever, Vietnam has been doing its utmost to hold itself together. On the bright side of things, the pandemic incident has presented this country with new opportunities to take its digital technology to the next level, specifically turning that into useful applications to aid the government as well as its population in keeping well during this sanitary crisis.


Vietnam Health Declaration (VHD)

In an attempt to keep the transmission rate in check in the domestic scenario, the Vietnam’s Ministry of Health put in place a compulsory health declaration system initially intended for anyone entering into the country’s territory through all means of transportation. Later on, at the heights of the pandemic, this is also applied for nation-wide movements of the public. This move is to help the Vietnamese government to keep track of passengers’ itinerary upon the arrival date for appropriate purposes, namely tracking, tracing and offering medical support if need be. One typical example for the use of VHD can be clearly seen in air travel. On booking a flight ticket or doing online check-in before the departure time, one of the first few things passengers are reminded is to fill out the form in the link By the time they arrive at the airport in Vietnam or for inbound flights – the next destination, they should be able to provide the completed version in case of inspection. Another way to do this is downloading the VHD application on your mobile and you’re all set to stay safe.



NCOVI comes into the picture as another tracking and tracing application for those that have recently returned from Covid-19 affected areas. Developed by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), NCOVI provides users with a platform to update, monitor one’s own health conditions in parallel with that of their close relatives. Furthermore, users are brought up-to-date with the Covid-19 related happenings in Vietnam as well as in the world. More importantly, there are head-ups about newly recorded cases in domestic or nearby areas so that one could be more alert about their whereabouts and health safety. Finally, the feedback section can hardly go amiss on such an essential application like NCOVI as people feel more encouraged to reach out, report or get involved in this ongoing battle against the invisible coronavirus.  


SmartCity Apps and their potentials to hamper the course of Covid-19

In an effort to put a brake on the Covid-19’s transmission amongst their inhibitants, some major cities such as Hanoi, Danang and Quang Ninh, have succeeded in bringing into effect their own versions of Mobile Epidemiology App. It is worth noting that in the first place the Danang’s version caters for travel and tourism. It normally includes an eclectic range of information concerning local amenities, emergency contact points and the rest. In view of the recurrence of Covid-19, new features, in support of the containment of the virus, are integrated into the respective smart city app. For the time being, anyone in need of a tracking tool to know where they should be safe if they happen to visit these areas can easily access Hanoi SmartCity, Danang SmartCity and Danang SmartCity through the App Store and Android in their smartphones. Overall, in the above-mentioned apps, the information specifically tailored for these cities ranges from centralized quarantine facilities, a specific time frame applied for each of these venues, the maximum number of admissions, current in-house numbers and availability. It is apparent that with the help of such amazing apps, the population can be more proactive in protecting themselves and their loved ones. 


What’s more to expect in this big pool of possibilities?

As the list goes on, there are other promising technologies which could be applied to contain the spread of the virus such as the use of AI in detecting the Covid-19 symptoms. It can be seen in the Rikkei Smart Camera System by Rikkeisoft – potentially a next step forward in the detection of people with Covid symptoms with great accuracy even when they have face coverings on. This is possible thanks to facial recognition technology, from which further analyses on social behaviours and physical movements of any suspected case can be drawn to proceed with the track and trace method. Its uses can be extended into tracking unauthorized leaves and entries into protected venues, how frequently someone visits a certain location along with identifying unusual activities such as climbing walls, falling down, gathering, carrying weapons etc. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Rikkei Smart Camera System promises to gain traction in no time and can be widely applied in all settings. 

All in all, in returns for all the hard work that the government as well as its citizens have been pouring into keeping Covid-19 under control, till this date, the current situation in Vietnam has been promisingly looking up. In the days to come, it lies with each and every individual to keep up the good work of continuous updates in one of the above apps and stick to the health safety guidelines in their daily routine. 

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