December 6, 2022

Top 11 Biggest Tech Companies in Singapore You’d Dream of Working For

Singapore can be said to be leading Southeast Asia with technological expertise. Widely thought of as the “tech hotspot” of the SEA region, the “miniature Silicon Valley” has attracted countless international information technology talents to come work for top tech companies in Singapore. With a modern IT infrastructure as well as a deep and variable talent pool, it is no surprise that Singapore is the ideal breeding ground for tech startups.

A lot of the top IT companies in Singapore were created as small startups, but thanks to the resources they have access to, they have grown into massive enterprises spanning on a global scale. It is a developer’s dream to be able to work in one of these technology companies in Singapore.

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Top 11 Biggest Tech Companies in Singapore

1. Razer


Website | LinkedIn

Razer is a joint venture between Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff, dual headquartered in Singapore and the United States, with 19 offices around the globe. The company specializes in computer hardware products, its triple-headed snake logo and products made synonymous with the video gaming and eSports culture. 

Since its establishment in 2005, Razer has expanded its services and offerings rapidly. While it might have begun with simple gaming peripherals, Razer’s product portfolio now spans gaming laptops, consoles, wearable techs, apparel, furniture, and even consumables under its RESPAWN brand. They also have a subsidiary in Razer Gold, a virtual credit currency for games and entertainment that allows players to pay for games and in-game content, all while earning back their spending on the platform.

Razer’s history is filled with firsts in the industry. Their iconic DeathAdder gaming mouse is the best-selling mouse ever, even with revisions later down the line – reaching 15 million total sales in 2019. The Mamba wireless mouse was hailed as the fastest mouse of its’ type in 2009, thanks to the world’s first gaming-grade wireless technology. As of 2021, Razer has won Best of CES for nine years, proving its development team’s consistency and innovative mindset.

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2. Sea

Sea Group

Website | LinkedIn

Sea is a titan among technology companies in Singapore. Founded in 2009, it has grown to become one of the biggest companies in Southeast Asia, with several equally impressive subsidiaries under its umbrella.

The range of products and services Sea has to offer is unrivaled by other companies in Singapore. Their main businesses in the region are under their subsidiaries Shopee, Garena, and SeaMoney.

  • Shopee is the SEA region’s most popular eCommerce platform, being the most downloaded shopping app in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam concurrently. Launched in 2015, Shopee has always been mobile-first and offers an easy, secure, and fast shopping experience to its customers – both buyers and sellers. 

The app has a wide selection of products alongside seamless fulfillment and integrated payment methods. It is also tailored for each individual market, making the user experience much more enjoyable.

  • Humbly beginning as a virtual LAN service in 2009, Garena is now the leading online video game developer, publisher, and event organizer in Southeast Asia. Its premier video game, the battle royale Free Fire, is the most downloaded video game globally in 2019, 2020, and 2021. It was also the top-grossing video game in Southeast Asia and Latin America in 2020 and 2021. 

In addition to developing and publishing games, Garena also organizes eSports events worldwide. For both 2020 and 2021, Free Fire was named “eSports Mobile Game of the Year” at the annual eSports Awards. The annual Garena World event, hosted by Garena, is the most influential eSports event in the SEA region.

  • SeaMoney is a leading digital financial service provider in Southeast Asia. Through its brands, AirPay and ShopeePay, SeaMoney provides its users with mobile wallet services, payment processing, and other services related to personal finances.

3. ByteDance


Website | LinkedIn

Founded in China in 2012, ByteDance is now one of the world’s technology giant, earning a staggering $58 billion in revenue in 2021. Being Chinese, the company has set up its Singapore office as the headquarters of APAC operations. ByteDance’s applications and services are available in more than 150 markets and 75 languages, supporting both individual users and enterprises.

ByteDance’s products and services are mostly content platforms with the goal of informing, educating, entertaining, and inspiring users without borders. They are committed to this goal and do their best to make their platforms as safe and positive as possible. The list consists of:

  • Toutiao, a news discovery platform operating in China. Articles are presented to readers based on their interests and preferences, delivering a unique, personalized, and comprehensive experience to every user.
  • Helo, an India-focused social media application promoting personal expression in an empowering environment.
  • Douyin, a China-focused short-form mobile video-sharing platform. Powered by simple video creation tools, Douyin has a low entry barrier that helped launch it into massive popularity in China. With the app, users can easily create, edit and upload content to millions of users, encouraging everyone to share their knowledge, creativity, and everyday life, building a wide and diverse content pool for the app.
  • TikTok, the international version of Douyin. With everything that came with Douyin and more, TikTok quickly filled in the niche void of the short-form video platform Vine left behind, spreading even better thanks to its tools and algorithmically presented video feed.
  • Lark, ByteDance’s first enterprise product. An all-inclusive collaboration platform, Lark includes everything you need in a workspace, including a messenger, calendar, shared storage, app management, document creators, and more. Staying updated with your team has never been easier with Lark!

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4. NinjaVan


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NinjaVan is a logistics startup aiming to revolutionize Singapore and Southeast Asia’s courier systems, offering its users hassle-free delivery and a streamlined experience for both its shippers and recipients. Founded in Singapore in 2014, NinjaVan has expanded its services to cover SEA, wanting every customer in the region to be able to have a Ninja within reach.

NinjaVan’s services are limited to logistics operations for enterprises and personal customers, partnering with big names in the Singapore market like the aforementioned Shopee, Toys ‘R’ Us, Lazada, and more. For personal customers and small businesses, NinjaVan’s unique selling point is its convenience: the user can choose how they want to pick up their parcels, cash on delivery is reliably executed, and orders can be created easily on a personalized dashboard.
Since its creation, NinjaVan has served over 120 million customers throughout Southeast Asia. Currently, it delivers 2 million parcels each day. It is the top startup in Singapore by funding, having a total amount of US$1.1 billion.

5. Carousell


Website | LinkedIn

Founded in 2012 by a small team of three, Carousell was created with the goal of inspiring everyone to buy and sell their old items, making them more available to those in need. Never straying from that goal, Carousell is now the leading recommerce (resell + eCommerce) platform in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It has a presence in eight markets under different brands: Carousell,, Cho Tot, OneKyat, Ox Street, Refash, and Laku6, serving and inspiring customers all over the region to have used goods be their first consideration.

As mentioned, Carousell’s main business is multiple recommerce platforms – connecting customers to each other so that they can buy and sell secondhand products. Aside from those, Carousell also runs a similar platform for cars called OneShift as well as an advertising solutions provider on their platforms called Carousell Media. 

Carousell is backed by big investors such as Rakuten Ventures and Naver, and they have offices in nine countries in SEA, India, Taiwan, and Hongkong.

6. Grab


Website | LinkedIn

Grab is the current leader of superapps – apps providing many services to users – in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2012 as a ride-hailing service, it has since grown into multiple industries, offering everyday services to customers. Grab’s slogan is “Grab life with both hands”, which the team took to their hearts, believing that life should be as good as can be for everyone – employees and customers alike.

Currently, the Grab app provides deliveries, mobility, and financial services, while Grab itself offers enterprise services to businesses in need.

  • Delivery services consist of food delivery (GrabFood), grocery delivery (GrabMart), and fast parcel delivery (GrabExpress). 
  • Mobility services are the app’s original function and contain GrabBike and GrabCar, both ride-hailing services using different means of transportation.
  • GrabPay is the financial service offered through the Grab app, originally used for paying within the app. It has extended its reach outside the Grab ecosystem, including digital payments for third-party vendors. Grab also offers tailor-made financial services to customers, with insurance, wealth management, and financing in their portfolio.

Grab is a contender for the place of best IT company in Singapore, earning $675 million in net revenue in 2021. It is SEA’s first decacorn, scoring over $24 billion in investments since 2015. Currently, Grab is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the code GRAB.

7. foodpanda


Website | LinkedIn

A subsidiary of the food delivery leader Delivery Hero, foodpanda, a tech firm in Singapore, has an equally big vision: “redefine how food, people, culture, and tech are connected.” Their goal with the app is simple: creating the most powerful tool for food convenience within technology’s grasp. Powered by technology and operational excellence, foodpanda brings a wide range of food and groceries directly and quickly to customers.

foodpanda has a humble offering, only providing food and grocery delivery services alongside their advertising platform within the foodpanda app. Having a narrow range allows them to be laser-focused on their core competencies, developing the app into the best it can be with 100% of attention and resources.

Since its foundation in 2012, foodpanda has rapidly expanded to new markets outside of Singapore, having operations in more than 400 cities across 11 markets across the APAC region: Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Taiwan. With 115,000 partner restaurants and over 80,000 bikes to deliver, foodpanda is a powerhouse of the quick-commerce industry.

8. Carro


Website | LinkedIn

Carro was founded in 2015 in Singapore and has since become the largest used car marketplace in Southeast Asia. With over 5000 employees across 4 countries, Carro has established a strong presence in the region. The company aims to lead the automotive industry through a better experience for buyers, as well as having complete transparency on relevant information. The platform is powered by artificial intelligence and Carro’s own pricing algorithm, challenging other traditional methods of buying and selling cars.

The range of services offered by Carro spans the entire car ownership cycle, is entirely online, and is the unique selling point of the platform. Through Carro, you can access in-house car financing solutions, purchase innovative car insurance, and be supported throughout your ownership with after-sales car maintenance and repair services. The company is the pioneer of many breakthrough services, such as Singapore’s first contactless online car purchase service and car rental subscription.
As of 2021, Carro has raised over $400 million in funding from many investors, including SoftBank Vision, Mitsubishi Corporation, and more. They are also rated highly by credible sources like Nikkei and Financial Times as one of the top growing companies in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

9. Nium


Website | LinkedIn

Nium calls themselves a “global leader in money movement”, and they have everything to back that statement up. Created in 2015 after founder Prajit Nanu’s personal struggle to move money in his business, Nium is now a fintech firm providing enterprises of any size with access to global payment options and card issuance services. Nium aims to empower any business’ growth through its convenient platform, extensive network, and powerful APIs. 

Nium’s primary offering is its B2B financial services platform, allowing small and medium businesses to pay their employees, suppliers, and global business customers. They also assist SMEs and banks in issuing cards worldwide. With a presence in 190+ markets, it is effortless to perform transactions with the Nium platform. Aside from that, Nium provides robust APIs for any developer to build their next innovative projects.

Nium is highly-rated as a startup and enterprise, being named among APAC High-growth Companies by Financial Times and winning “Best B2B Payment Platform”  at the Future Digital Awards in 2021.

10. JustCo


Website | LinkedIn

JustCo is a leading flexible workplace provider founded in 2011 and headquartered in Singapore. With over 40 locations worldwide, JustCo strives to give customers the same hospitality in each and every center. By revolutionizing how people work, the team at JustCo empowers their community with flexibility and opportunities.

JustCo provides its customers with ideal working spots. Customers can choose between desks, standard private offices for a team, or full-blown configurable corporate offices with private amenities for a large enterprise. Collaborate spaces can also be booked for meetings, seminars, and events. All their spaces are fully equipped and thoughtfully designed, ensuring the customers’ comfort and productivity. With both short- and long-term memberships available, customers can easily have a membership plan that fits their needs the best. While it might not look like it, JustCo is indeed an information technology company in Singapore – their booking and services are all powered by technology to ensure the smoothest experience possible for their customers.
With people as their core focus, JustCo has grown and expanded rapidly, having a presence in 8 different countries, including big markets in APAC like Japan and Australia. They are considered a unicorn in Singapore, pulling $74 million in their latest funding round in 2021, and are valued at around $300 million, as estimated by Dealroom.

11. Shopback


Website | LinkedIn

ShopBack was founded in 2014 in Singapore as a platform that gives back to customers through rewards. Throughout its life, ShopBack has grown to become one of the leading shopping platforms in Singapore and APAC. It creates a rewarding and accessible shopping experience for its customers while helping local businesses and brands reach and engage shoppers.

ShopBack’s main product is its shopping platform, connecting brands and retailers with potential customers. The platform’s model is simple enough: customers purchase from a store on ShopBack, the store gives ShopBack commission, and parts of that commission go directly back to you – the consumer. It is a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. They provide partnership services for brands, helping with growth and efficiency through consulting and data analysis. For private customers, they also have the CashBack initiative for physical stores, giving back cash in real life just as they do in the app.

Earlier in 2022, ShopBack also made its first steps into financial services with its ShopBack Pay and PayLater products, allowing customers to have an integrated payment service right inside the ShopBack app.

ShopBack’s slogan is “For the wins”, and they keep on winning – since 2014, they have expanded the service to multiple markets, made a presence in physical stores, and launched their own financial services. It has acquired a total of $315 million in funding, making it a contender for top IT companies in Singapore and a definite unicorn of the nation.

Rikkeisoft – A Potential Partner for Singaporean Tech Companies

Rikkeisoft - A Potential Partner for Singaporean Tech Companies
Rikkeisoft – A Potential Partner for Singaporean Tech Companies

Rikkeisoft is a Vietnamese award-winning IT outsourcing company founded in 2012. With our core values of Aspiration, Dedication, Innovation, Constant Improvement and Openness, we strive to provide the best for our enterprise and personal clients. We are currently expanding into the APAC technology scene, with Singapore as a prime target – being the digital hub of the region. We believe that with our ability, we can be a trustworthy partner for technology companies in Singapore, regardless of scale and budget.

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