February 9, 2023

Top 10 Trustworthy IT Outsourcing Companies in Malaysia

Malaysia is among the world’s leading outsourcing destinations, especially in three broad categories: cost competitiveness, resources and skills, and business and economic environment. Malaysia’s appeal as a regional/global hub is evidenced by the many world-class companies that have established regional and international operations here, including ACS, BMW, DHL, HSBC, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, and many others. Multimedia Super Corridor Malaysia, a hub for technology and multimedia companies in the country, currently has over 130 Shared Services & Outsourcing companies ranging from major local players to multinationals. Below are some of the best outsourcing companies Malaysia has to offer.

Top 10 Trustworthy IT Outsourcing Companies in Malaysia

1. SYS IT Business & IT Solutions

SYS IT Business & IT Solutions

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As one of Malaysia’s most reputable IT outsourcing companies, SYS IT manages the IT department so the core business can be focused on. SYS IT grants their customers access to  the best and most impressive manpower in Malaysia without worrying about recruitment.

Their approach to IT outsourcing solutions is based on the belief that the outsourcing relationship with clients is a journey in which a win-win situation is critical. With this approach, they provide flexibility and expandability within an agreed-upon framework while meeting the minimum service levels. The outsourcing models are based on our operational experiences and adhere to industry best practices.

At SYS IT, some of the offered services include:

  • Network Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Desktop Support Solutions
  • Server Solutions
  • Infrastructure Management

2. Brandt International

Brandt International

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Brandt’s experienced consultants don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Brandt International has expansive knowledge and experience in many industries, including telecommunications, financial services, consumer retail, and technology. However, customer experience and customer service are at the heart of their business. Brandt International has worked with many organizations to improve the customer experiences that they’re confident they can help with any company.

This Malaysian outsourcing company has completed numerous projects involving:

  • Technical, DevOps, and IT Strategy Development, as well as Business Transformation Execution
  • An integrated approach to strategic IT and strategy development and implementation
  • Redesign of business processes using ‘Six Sigma’ methodology and cross-functional improvement teams
  • Experience and knowledge of global financial and banking IT operations and security
  • Design, Development, and Implementation of Human Performance Improvement

3. ENVO BPO Services

Envo BPO Services

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Envo Bpo Services Sdn. Bhd. (ENVO) is an award-winning, ISO-certified business process outsourcing firm founded in 2009 by Dato’ Lim Han Boon to assist companies in growing their businesses through outsourcing. Dato’ Lim is the Treasurer of Outsourcing Malaysia, a Chapter of the Malaysian National ICT Association (PIKOM).

The goal at ENVO is to give customers the freedom to focus on crucialthings in their business. In addition, ENVO strives to provide clients with a competitive advantage by increasing productivity through its customized solutions.

At ENVO, some IT outsourcing solutions include 

  • IT Equipment Renting & Leasing Services
  • Telephony Systems
  • IT Support & Consultancy
  • VPN & Remote Working Solutions


IT First

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Risks are involved whenever customers entrust someone with aspects of the business, whether a full-time new hire or an external vendor. However, most risks are avoidable if customers know what to look for in a vendor and ask the right questions.

A lot of IT Outsourcing Companies do not provide clients with any direct control or operational reporting, which severely increases the risk of data confidentiality leakage. However, IT FIRST, an outsourcing company in Malaysia, has always been known as a reliable company, working with reputable vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly for their clients. On the other hand, IT FIRST provides a monthly report and updates to the relevant management team for the task or completed job and raises any issues. IT FIRST guarantees Data Protection – fully secured and well protected – with data confidentiality.

IT FIRST’s list top-tier services consists of: 

  • Talent RecruitmentPlacement of Specialists at the Workplace;
  • Performance Review and Replacement
  • Full Support Coverage
  • Security Management
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Talent Management

5. SRG Asia Pacific

SRG Asia Pacific SDN BHD

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Because of the reduced uncertainty associated with outsourcing, SRG Asia Pacific’s clients have consistently entrusted them with their IT services over the years. Their ITO services and software provide clients with convenience and efficiency. This makes for better analysis and decision-making for their customers’ businesses by allowing them to remotely monitor customer service data in real-time on their site. As a result, their ITO services will be especially beneficial and cost-effective for companies, such as purchasing Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) equipment to handle phone calls efficiently. 

SRG Asia Pacific also provides customers with the following services: 

  • Data Mining
  • Database Management
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Connecting to Clients’ Services
  • Voice Loggers

6. Win-Pro Consultancy

Win Pro Consultancy

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Win-Pro is a reputable IT outsourcing company in Malaysia, offering IT support, consulting, and solutions. They began serving clients in Malaysia and the APAC regionin 1993 and are currently evaluating the possibility of expanding to a fourth location in Batam, Indonesia.

Win-Pro’s specialization is in IT managed services for small and medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations. The experienced IT support team is committed to assisting Win-Pro’s clients in achieving their goals while providing exceptional service and support.

Here is a list of Win-Pro’s specializations: 

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Professional Service Automation (PSA)
  • Cloud Endpoint Security with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • IT Service Helpdesk Ticketing
  • Remote Control Software
  • Centralized IT Documentation
  • Team Collaborative Tool
  • Project Management

7. SBS Consulting

SBS Consulting

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SBS Consulting is an IT company with a heavy focus on corporate solutions. With talented professionals specializing in corporate laws and regulations, SBS provides comprehensive services that maximize your company’s potential.

Their service portfolio includes:

  • Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • Company Registration
  • Accounting Services
  • Payrolling
  • Auditing

SBS Consulting is more suited to larger businesses, due to their background of being corporate consultants first and IT outsourcing company second. Still, if your company is thinking of an expansion, the team at SBS Consulting can assist you with their deep knowledge and vast experience.

8. Swivelt


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Swivelt is a 25-year-old IT outsourcing firm that works with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. They are experts in managing the entire customer lifecycle and supporting business functions, allowing businesses to scale effectively and efficiently. Swivelt, with its multiple worldwide hubs, can help you with IT support outsourcing anywhere in the world.

Swivelt, unlike other companies on the list, does not specialize in specific IT outsourcing services. Instead, they provide service packages that focus on various aspects of business that your company may need to outsource, including IT services. The service packs are as follows:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Shared Services

9. Adventus


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Founded in 2005, Adventus is driven by the belief that intelligent businesses improve the world. With this in mind, their products and services are centered on assisting companies in becoming more efficient in their workflow by providing comprehensive IT support. Here are some examples:

  • Outsourcing of IT Services
  • Cloud Cyber Security Solutions
  • System Integration & IT Infrastructure
  • Telco Financing IT Solutions

Adventus serves clients in various industries, with a client roster that includes Deloitte, KPMG, Bank of America, Heineken, and others. In addition, Adventus has offices all over the world, helping you no matter where you are.

10. Rikkeisoft


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If the above mentioned companies are not what you looking for, do not fret! There are many other companies in the region offering much of the same services and more. Rikkeisoft is one such example.

Rikkeisoft, founded in 2012, is a Vietnam-based award-winning IT outsourcing company with offices in both Vietnam and Japan and representatives in various parts of the world. Our services also expands to the wider APAC market including Malaysia, Singapore, and more. 

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Malaysia’s thriving business scene is expanding everyday, and any company that wants to stay competitive must grow alongside it. If you and your business ever find yourself in a bind due to a lack of information technology, look no further than these impressive outsourcing companies or look globally with companies like Rikkeisoft. Our development teams will gladly assist you and your company with any project you can think of to keep up with the industry.

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