October 11, 2019

Mobile App Ideas for 2020: It’s time to be different

You must have heard about the glittering successes of tech startups launching applications. Little you know about the complexities and hardships of a young and small business. It is not easy to make your startup outshine among other software applications.


Out of total startups launched, only 56% of them are able to survive the fifth year.


A startup requires to be given a strong foundation that can survive the storms of cutthroat competition. Especially if you are launching a startup in the tech world, you need to use the best programming tools with the latest features.


Are these things enough to challenge the market where mobile app downloads are expected to reach 352.9 billion by the year 2021? According to my observations, making a mobile app on a cliche idea can be the worst you can do with your investments!



You need a unique, innovative and out-of-the-box idea to let your mobile app be recognized as one of its kind. Even students are developing a mobile application to reap the benefits of the huge number of mobile app users.


Although it is not as easy as it sounds. God is not going to whisper a different idea in your ear. Here are the top tips to select an appropriate and different mobile app idea.

  • Define target market according to your niche
  • Thorough research of the market
  • Review the apps from competitors
  • List out the factors for their success or failure
  • You can copy their idea but with a unique approach
  • Find the trends in your industry
  • Create buzz to make it a hit

Follow these steps/tips to minimize the risk of upsetting your customers. A good idea will help you attract 4.68 billion mobile users from all around the globe. Here are some top mobile app ideas for startups to consider in 2020.


Mobile App Idea #1: VR-enabled apps

Virtual reality is a trending technology that is making the unimaginable things possible. Capable of unveiling a completely different reality in front of humans, VR is crossing all boundaries of shocking humans with its features.


Gone are those days when VR was only popular in gaming applications. Today, there are more than 171 million users of VR technology who are spread across different industrial domains. In fact, VR has started being merged with other technologies like IoT and used extensively in industrial IoT as well.


Making video conferencing more real, VR has potential which is yet unexplored at a great level. Are you daring enough to discover a new way to make people amaze with virtual reality? There are so many ways, get a dating app developed with VR features or a healthcare app to close the distance between patient and doctor.


Before hanging on any idea, I would consult you to have a word with proficient app developers. They will be able to tell you whether your idea is really possible with VR technology and suggest minor changes. It’s super exciting to bring this technology to its maximum use! People are eagerly waiting and businesses can earn fortunes with this.


Mobile App Idea #2: Let’s chat with bots


“Hello, Ma’am. How can I help you?”

“I am unable to find a right tour package for my vacation to Brazil”

“Select Brazil from the destinations Drop down menu. You will be shown available tour packages to Brazil.”

“Okay, Thanks”



Is this a human talking to a customer of a tourism company? No! Bots can talk like humans cutting the needs of actual human customer service executives present all the time. That’s called chatbot, an AI-powered tool to offer out of the world kind of customer services.


I know you must have heard websites are crucial for your business but did someone tell you that chatbots are the latest trend to follow. You will hardly find a web app today without a chatbot.


There are numerous chatbot development companies that are creating competitive, industry-specific chatbots. The world is small but competition is fierce. Make your services to reach your customers with the most trending ways because this is what customers look and expect for at the end!


Mobile App Idea #3: Healthcare Apps

Anything can be a luxury but healthcare needs can never be. Hit hard these never-ending needs of people with efficiently developed healthcare apps. This idea is not the one that is yet to be executed.


But the healthcare industry possesses the potential to attract more customers and satisfy their needs in different ways. Today, medicines are being delivered after online orders. Some apps are providing doctors’ consultation.


Telemedicine apps are becoming increasingly popular these days. You can get in touch with professionals that are providing healthcare development services to review more ideas with which you can serve society and earn profits.


Mobile App Idea #4: Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is one of the most invested technologies of contemporary times. According to a study by Statista, it has been found out that by 2023, the blockchain market will reach 23.3 billion U.S dollars.


Are you the one who thinks that blockchain is all about cryptocurrency and meant to be used in the financial industry? If yes then you are absolutely wrong. Blockchain is all about storing data in a secure way which is completely uneditable.


Any industry which requires to store data with high security is using blockchain development services. From healthcare to education, blockchain has proved to be a useful technology for all of them. Utilizing this technology to provide solutions to a targetted audience seems a bright option.


Mobile App Idea #5: Augmented Reality Apps

So, do you enjoy apps that show how you will look after getting old or how you would have looked if you were in the 1990s? Quite common and popular these days! Technology is molding your reality with the help of an incredible technology known as augmented reality.



Such apps are not constrained to entertainment only. Other industries are also employing this technology like the e-commerce industry. These apps use AR to provide after-purchase experience to the customers. This helps them to make a better purchase decision.


Other than this, the education industry is also using this technology to provide a better learning experience for children. Apps like Chromville bring colored figures to life. This helps students memorize the stories in a better way.


Mobile app developers are capable of using this technology which can play with the minds of the users. If you want to stimulate the senses of your customers then AR can be a useful tool for the achievement of your goals.



The mobile app ideas which performed really well in previous years may not be equally fruitful in the upcoming year of 2020. So buckle up to face new competition and follow the trends!


The mobile app ideas listed in this blog are just a start. Your mind has a lot more to explore. You can discover an optimal idea to generate the highest revenues of all time with the help of proficient mobile app developers.


They have knowledge about the lastest things prevailing in the market. So, they are in a better position to guide your idea towards reality. If you would like to share your personal experience even if you failed, we would be glad to hear!


Because it’s better we learn with each others’ mistakes and pave a successful individual path for our startup.



Written by: Patricia Neil 

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