Top 10 Trustworthy IT Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam


Choosing a Vietnam software company is one of the highlighted trends in many countries around the world. In the article today, we will show you the reason that you should cooperate with these outsourcing companies as well as reveal the top 10 most prestigious Vietnam IT companies so that you can consider the best partner for you. 

We live in a world covered with fiercely competitive businesses, and most of them are under a lot of pressure to raise their brand values and grow their business. The marketplace in Vietnam is no exception. Businesses that want to maintain their survival must have effective strategies to save costs without reducing product quality. IT outsourcing companies are considered a strategic tool to reduce cost & improve proficiency using innovations, thus, contributing to the success of many businesses. 

However, before using this service, businesses should also put the providers into perspective to choose the best partner. Professional and reputable IT outsourcing companies will help you save costs and ensure the quality of work in the long term. 

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is also a great choice for businesses that want to optimize effectiveness and costs.

It goes without saying that mobile app development cost optimization is one of the most important issues facing eCommerce businesses or any business model.

In this article, we’re going to give you some reasons why you should choose IT companies in Vietnam. Simultaneously, we will also reveal the top 10 most trustworthy Vietnam IT companies. This way, you can get an in-depth view of these companies as well as expand your choice if you want to cooperate with an IT company in Vietnam. 

Why Choose IT Companies in Vietnam?

Why Choose IT Outsourcing Companies In Vietnam

Talented Developers

According to a survey, 70.5% of developers reported that they cultivate their knowledge mainly through blogs & social networks  Although online resources are great for hard-working developers to refine their skills, institutional background are also another vital factor to judge a developer’s competency. 

In Vietnam, there are more than 50,000 IT graduates joining the workforce every year, making it a lively technology hub in the region. The government also plans to invest in 20 more schools teaching IT in Vietnam. Moreover, the government will cooperate with businesses to organize more short-term training courses for young people to be able to catch up with new technologies. 

In reality, many companies now have internship programs that give students the best chance of an internship. This helps them gain lots of experience. At the same time, they also can enhance their problem-solving skills in future work.

Decent English Communication

English is a mandatory subject in Vietnam, which Vietnamese children must learn since elementary school. 

As for IT outsourcing, It is a priority factor for IT workers to be fluent in English. Because the job feature involves communications with foreign clients, most IT companies have English-speaking developers or business analysts with excellent English to transfer ideas between clients & developers. 

Potential Business Hubs

Vietnam’s ascent in the international marketplace as a business hub received a boost at Vietnam Ventures Summit 2020, where investors indicated an intent to invest $815 million into startups. The deal consists of 33 domestic and foreign investment funds, including CyberAgent Capital, 500 Startups, AlphaJWC, Monk’s Hill Ventures, and Access Ventures. 

Last year, investment commitments reached $415 million. Therefore, these reinforce the belief that Vietnam can compete with Indonesia as Southeast Asia’s growth market for technology investment.

Now, let’s find the top tech companies in Vietnam. 

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Top 10 Tech Companies in Vietnam

1. Rikkeisoft

Rikkeisoft was founded on April 6, 2012. With the mission to elevate the technical skills of Vietnamese developers to meet the world’s standards, we are constantly trying to be the No.1 Technology Corporation in Vietnam.  As a result, Rikkeisoft has become a reliable partner for major enterprises in Vietnam, Japan, and internationally.

Rikkeisoft Website
Rikkeisoft’s Website

Our company provides customers with comprehensive IT services for small businesses or big corporations from web development, custom software development and mobile app development to cloud deployment, using Artificial Intelligence,t. We can support these services with a variety of programming languages. With the experience and passion of more than 1500 employees, especially 63% of the staff are fluent in English, we are confident to bring you the best results.

Rikkeisoft Clutch
Rikkeisoft’s Clutch Summary

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Clutch

In only 10 years, we are proud to achieve many prestigious awards, such as Vietnam IT Award 2015, the Sao Khue award 2021 – Vietnam ICT Excellence, and several other prestigious awards. In particular, RikkeiSoft is immensely proud of being the first and only Vietnamese company shortlisted in Best Venture 100, a prestigious award from Japan.

Get in touch with us to discuss your future projects!
At Rikkeisoft, we have a comprehensive list of services and technologies we can work with. Some examples of services we offer are, among others:
  ⋅ Custom Software Development
  ⋅ Web Development
  ⋅ Mobile App Development
  ⋅ UX/UI Design
  ⋅ QA & Testing
  ⋅ Managed IT Serivce

2. Savvycom

Savvycom is one of the leading Vietnam IT companies, specializing in providing digital transformation consulting services and software solutions in various fields such as finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, domestic and international businesses, and so on.

Savvycom Website
Savvycom’s Website

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

Savvycom’s mission is to leverage technical resources in Vietnam and empower businesses worldwide to develop modern technology. By using the power of technology, the company is gradually asserting itself on the way to becoming the most outstanding IT company in the ASEAN region.

Moreover, Savvycom is constantly expanding its vision of a world with an information technology explosion. To get closer to this day, Savvycom’s team always tries to enhance the quality of the projects to gain the customer’s satisfaction and give them a better experience. 

3. KMS Technology

Established in 2009, KMS Technology is a prominent engineering and technology services company in Vietnam. Thanks to a team of professional engineers, KMS Technology has obtained international customers’ trust.

Kms Technology Website
KMS Technology’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

Beginning with the internal startup system, KMS successfully built and established its own software companies, such as QASymphony, Kobiton, Katalon, and Grove. These companies are currently doing a great job in their mission. Also, they can provide technology solution consulting services and bring advanced technologies closer to the Asia Pacific market.

Besides pursuing this great mission, KMS also cooperates with non-profit organizations to bring good values ​​to society. Specifically, the company regularly cooperates with universities, participates in IT training activities and specialized events, and even sponsors scholarship programs in Vietnam. Thanks to this effort, the company has received many prestigious industry awards and has been called as one of the perfect places to work in many areas around the world such as Vietnam, Asia, and the United States for many consecutive years.

4. FPT

FPT Group is one of Vietnam’s largest information technology service companies, providing IT products and services. Recently, FPT was the company honored to win the Silver Award and is also the only Vietnamese enterprise to be honored in the Most Valuable Corporate Response category. Aside from outstanding awards, FPT is also a business that earns huge revenue. The undeniable evidence is that FPT reached a revenue of 35.657 billion VND in 2021. This is a number that not many companies can achieve. This number can partly indicate the business’s size and level of development.

Fpt Website
FPT’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

FPT focuses on developing 3 main areas: technology, telecommunications, and education. The most prominent area of the three ones is technology. It can be said that FPT is proud to be the place to provide extreme quality technology services such as digital transformation consulting, software development, system integration, and IT services.

5. CMC

If top IT companies in Vietnam are a topic, CMC is a name that we cannot ignore in this discussion. CMC always appears in people’s minds as the leading Technology Corporation in Vietnam. With almost 30 years of construction and development, CMC has been asserting its position in the domestic and international markets. The outstanding business activities of CMC are implemented in 3 areas: Technology and Solution, Global Business, and Telecommunications.

Cmc Website
CMC’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

Well known as a reliable and reputable partner in mid and large-scale information technology – telecommunications projects in Vietnam, CMC Technology Group has captured an important position in the minds of customers. . These projects focus on many different fields: government, education, tax, treasury, customs, insurance, electricity, banking, finance… In 2018, the Group’s accumulated revenue reached 5,682 billion VND.

With the slogan “Aspire to Inspire the Digital World”, CMC has a tendency to keep a philosophy of focusing on aspiration and inspiration. The company wants to build trust in customers, especially those who love technology. To make this wish come true, CMC is willing to share knowledge with everyone to make technology a regular part of life.

6. Sotatek

Sotatek can be seen to approach customers across technology & business fields. To do that, SotaTek is always ready to provide the most modern information technology services to fulfill the ultimate goal of helping your business succeed through digital transformation. In addition,  the company can also support customers to develop sustainable software, including Web/App, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, and ERP with cost-effective solutions.

Sotatek Website
Sotatek’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

With more than 7 years of existence and development in the technology field, Sotatek has gathered leading technology experts with high enthusiasm. There are over 700 talented IT consultants and developers who share their deep expertise to successfully deliver IT services to our Clients from over 25 countries worldwide, and especially having more than 500 projects in different industries, such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Media & Entertainment.

7. Nashtech

NashTech is a talent and technology solutions provider with a worldwide reputation. For more than three decades, the company has helped our customers solve complex and broad technology problems. Furthermore, Nashtech always stands by them to build and scale their technology with digital capabilities. 

Nashtech Website
Nashtech’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

Nashtech has got many IT awards, but the value that they strive to pursue does not simply an award. Instead, it is the achievements that can be applied to our expertise to realize IT complex projects globally. Our approach is a combination of flexibility, reliability, and product innovation aimed at helping our customers achieve their goals and ambitions. Therefore, whether it is technology consulting or robotic process automation, application development, or even application maintenance, Nashtech always has effective solutions for our customers.

8. Smart OSC

SmartOSC is one of the leading companies in Magento and Sitecore in Asia. The company is the organizer of Meet Magento – a forum to share and connect businesses operating in the field of e-commerce in the region, especially the Magento community.

Smartosc Website
SmartOSC’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

SmartOSC is renowned as a company that provides e-commerce solutions to businesses around the world. The company’s reputation can be clearly demonstrated by the presence of offices in many countries, such as Australia, Singapore, Japan, Europe, the USA, and Vietnam. Not many people know that SmartOSC is a partner of Lotte, My Kingdom, Nestlé, PayPal, SpaceX, Courts, Club 21, Priceline Pharmacy, and Smartbox. They are the big retail brands in the world. 

With its in-depth understanding of the retail industry of technology, SmartOSC gained recognization as an essential strategic partner of major technology platforms such as Magento, Sitecore, Shopify Plus, and Adobe.

9. Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology has marked the company’s brand in the software industry market in Vietnam for a long time. There are 10 years of experience in this industry, Saigon Technology has inculcated brand value in the minds of its customers and met the demand for software development in Vietnam.

Saigon Technology Website
Saigon Technology’s Website

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

Moreover, being always present on the list of leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, Saigon Tech constantly makes efforts to provide customers throughout the world with a wide range of software solutions for banking, healthcare, and retail with guaranteed quality.

With our aspirations for perfection, Saigon Tech always provides excellent talent and effective strategies. In addition, the company proposes approaches to its customers intending to ensure the enhancement of the business values.

10. Appota

Appota is a pioneer in providing convenient platforms for smartphones in Vietnam. The company always focuses on the following fields: Game Publishing, Advertising, and Payment. Currently, Appota has  over 30 million users, and most are concentrated in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This company’s main customers are game and application developers, advertising agencies, and e-commerce partners.

Appota Website
Appota’s Webiste

Website | LinkedIn | Facebook

Appota helps game developers and publishers bring their products to users quickly and efficiently. Founded in 2011, it means that in just over 10 years, the company has established its place on the map of technology. In terms of achievements, Appota’s mobile platform has more than 50 million users, 15,000 developers and advertisers, and businesses worldwide. Significantly, Appota was one of only four companies in Asia selected as partners to implement Google’s new Mobile Ad Exchange model in 2016.


With the incredible explosion of technology today, Vietnam software companies are a vital solution option for businesses to transform digitally. Not only saving budget and time, but these IT companies also bring better efficiency to businesses. Through this article, Rikkeisoft really hopes that you can choose the top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam which can meet your demands.

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