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    Does Rikkeisoft have a human resource development policy?

    Depending on the experience and skills of the new employees, the manager will make appropriate training plans and arrangements.

    For inexperienced employees, in the first three months, employees are trained to get used to the job and improve their skills rather than immediately participating in the project.

    Different forms of training: on-the-job training, extracurricular sessions, in-house seminars, online courses, and more.

    Rikkei has a system that encourages employees to self-study and obtain certificates in the form of allowances after passing and support the cost of certification exams…

    Does Rikkeisoft have a training program?

    Rikkei has a talented IT engineer training program in Vietnam day, which has been in operation since March 2020. The RTEP (Rikkei Talented Engineer Program) has launched to educate people more and more.

    How do I train a senior engineer to become a key member of a project? How many months do you want to learn your customer system directly on-site?

    Training can be in the following formats:

    – Join JP on-site in a short period (3-6 months) to learn the process of the project, business, and how the customer work, then return to the offshore leader.

    – Customers send people to Vietnam for project training.


Sales Department

    What areas are Rikkeisoft good at? What areas are you focusing on development?

    Rikkeisoft’s strength lies in developing web and mobile app systems because these are the first two areas of activity since Rikkeisoft’s foundation.

    However, Rikkei has invested in blockchain and artificial intelligence development since 2018 and has much knowledge.


    There are many outsourcing companies in Vietnam in the same field of activity as Rikkeisoft. So why does Rikkeisoft stand out from the competition?

    Many companies in Vietnam operate in the same field as Rikkei, but Rikkei has some differences:


    – Rikkeisoft ranks 2nd in Vietnam regarding human resources and technical capability.

    + Excellent human resources with foreign language skills.

    + Founders and leaders have time to study and work in Japan and understand Japan’s culture and way of working.

    – Low turnover rate

    + Quality of service

    + To overcome the language barrier and ensure service quality, our human resources are well-equipped with both technical knowledge and Japanese language proficiency (N2, N1).

    + We aim to develop human skills that can facilitate the delivery of solutions to customers and accommodate the entire process.

    Do I need to transfer test devices, test methods, and test equipment from JP to VN for my project?

    Adjust and prepare test equipment according to the requirements of the project.

    – There is no additional cost if Rikkei test equipment is available.

    – If test equipment is not available, we will give the customer the option to rent or purchase a new one. This cost has its estimate.

    – If you need to combine your equipment for testing, you will need to arrange shipment to Vietnam. There will be transportation costs between the two, so you need to discuss them in advance.

    – In other exceptional cases, such as using Android test devices specially manufactured for the Japanese market that cannot be purchased in Vietnam, we negotiate with customers with appropriate plans according to specific cases.

    What information do you provide to receive the quotation?

    – The required information is specifications features online.

    – If there is no specification, source code or samples and related documentation must be provided. Provide project-related information in as much detail as possible.

    – Example: Budget range, budget work, budget delivery, delivery date.



    How many steps are there in the development process?

    – Typically, Rikkei is responsible for detail design and beyond.

    – Stable design → manufacturing → compression test (UT test) → coupled test (IT test) → sales

    – However, Rikkeisoft aims for advanced stages (upstream processes) such as consulting, business analysis (basic design, basic design), and UI/UX design.


Offshore Development

    Customers are worried about quality issues offshore, but how does Rikkeisoft improve quality compared to other offshore companies?

    – To secure high-quality human resources, we are determined to ensure abundant and high-quality human resources. The PQA department is in charge of the company and uses the internal management system for internal management. We also have obtained several certificates related to quality assurance.

    – This is one of the reasons why Rikkei can proliferate because of its focus on quality assurance.


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