Warehouse Management System For Local Market Customization and Deployment

In collaboration with Rikkeisoft, a world leader in material handling automation has seen success in the localization of their warehouse management system.
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This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is a world-leading Japanese provider of automated material handling solutions. With over 80 years of establishment, the client has solidified their brand presence in more than 26 countries.

Using their own framework, the client had created a warehouse management system that could be tailored to meet the specific needs of various factories. Nonetheless, due to the high demands from Asian companies seeking to adopt this system, the client had to engage an offshore partner to assist in the customization and implementation process.

Project Overview


Material Handling


Java, Oracle Database, JasperReports, Client’s Framework




Since February, 2022


Lack of Internal IT Engineers

Scarcity of in-house IT talent hampered prompt development and deployment of customized warehouse management system (WMS) solutions, making the project more prone to errors, constant delays, and suboptimal adaptations.

Demand for Local Customization

The differences in cultural, regulatory, and operational requirements across regions called for tailored adjustments to the WMS. This was a complex process that took into account varied standards and expectations, potentially impeding seamless global integration.

Risk of Missing Business Opportunities

If implemented improperly, the WMS adaptation process would require an extended period of time to fix, resulting in flawed business operations and the potential loss of revenue opportunities.

Need for Cost Optimization

Balancing the imperative for localized customization with budget constraints posed a challenge to the client, as tailoring the WMS to individual subsidiaries’ needs would certainly strain more resources than one-size-fits-all implementation.


Dedicated engineering team

Warehouse Management System Starting with 6 members who received a 2-month official training course provided by the client, the Rikkeisoft team quickly assumed total responsibility for the project and from that point on has been fully in charge of internal training, team scaling, and conducting local WMS adaptation. Apart from developing the systems, the Rikkeisoft team has never missed a chance to make on-site visits to provide professional assistance where necessary and ensure the localization goes as planned. After one year, nine business-critical WMS modules (Receiving, Inventory, Shipping, Work Progress Management, Returned Goods, Inventory Tracking, Tablet, Handy Terminal, and Analytics) were well customized for four different local companies. There are two other plans underway that have been demonstrating good progress.
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The Rikkeisoft team has gone beyond expectations, in which successful project delivery is complemented by impressive cost-effectiveness.
“Everyone from Rikkeisoft was adept at their job,” the client said. “We were amazed by the team’s progression in such a short period of time. Our satisfaction came from not only the requested systems but also the on-site support and your hospitality when we visited Vietnam.”

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