The disable supporting app

The disable supporting app

Mobile Application

Vietnam has more than 2 million blind and low vision people and about 2.5 million deaf and mute people. The biggest obstacle comes in communication situations with strangers or anyone else who does not know sign language. Therefore, the customer wants to build a mobile application that helps them communicate in everyday situations easier and provides appropriate utilities.

Team size

32 members

– BA: 2

– PM: 1

– Tech Lead: 2

– Designer: 4

– Dev: 15

– Tester: 8


Rikkeisoft had built 2 apps: The blind supporting app The deaf and mute supporting app 2 applications include the following main functions:

– Using Virtual assistants for voice commanding

– Managing and coordinating other apps on phone by voice

– Integrating entertainment and learning information

– Supporting message communication in sign language

– Providing tools for learning sign language vocabulary

– Connecting the disadvantaged with related people and supporting volunteers



– Text to Speech

– Speech to Text

– AI

– Google Clouds Services

– Mobile: Java, Swift


“This app is incredible”

  • The disable supporting app The disable supporting app The disable supporting app The disable supporting app The disable supporting app


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Feedback Summary

The application has been used regularly by more than 100,000 people with disabilities and able to help the government on a long road to building a support platform for the disadvantaged community for sustainable development.

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