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With over 50,000 employees, the bank decided to develop a comprehensive intranet system for better communication, employee engagement, and process.
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This article describes a real-life project. However, we can not disclose our client’s name & the project details for privacy purposes.

This article explains an outsourcing project for a big software development company carried out by Rikkeisoft.

The end client is a large banking organization with over 50,000 staff and an estimated asset of $400,000 billion. Scaling up, the bank just opened some new offices in different regions.

Project Overview




Amazon Web Service, Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, Redis




Feb 2019 - Dec 2019

Team size

12 Staffs


Poor Communication & Unoptimized Process

Since their new offices’ opening, the corporation noticed a significant need for better communication between departments & separate offices. A more complicated office system also calls for a more optimized process, streamlining operations among a more considerable number of staff & departments.

Having specific issues, the giant corporation was looking for solutions to:

  • Enhance communication: between all departments, offices, and staff levels across the bank
  • Create a knowledge & information hub: for members to share their work, knowledge & other information
  • Improve business processes: between different departments & branches to cut costs & boost efficiency
  • Encourage a sense of community: create a strong sense of belonging in the workplace, thus, engaging every employee in the work life.
  • Promote corporate value: so that all team members work & grow in alignment with values that the corporate upholds.


A Tailor-made Intranet Network

An intranet network is an obvious solution to the end-customer problem. However, the real question lies in how to develop & customize it so that it serves the needs of their organizational growth & ambition.

The outcome is a complex intranet network built on Sharepoint – an integration between a global site & multiple sub-sites for various departments. Web pages & functions are designed to meet the end client’s puzzles above.

An information center for every need

Having all essential documents centralized in one place makes it much easier & quicker for employees to find the information they need without any hassles. The new private network facilitates this convenient way of accessing and sharing information via:

  • Homepage: where all corporate information & major activities are displayed. Employees can find everything from Community Programs, Corporate policies, Mission/Values, and Organization Charts to Employee Handbook, Corporate history & more.
  • A document center:where staff can easily find & download essential info from applications, documents, to forms, policies & processes.
  • A department-specific resource center: where members from a department (be it new or old staff) can easily download resources relevant to their scope of work conveniently.

A digital workplace for better process management

We developed a digital workplace that is unique to each department. To put it differently, the digital workplace can only be accessed by members from its respective department.

The digital workplace uses a custom-made component that allows the integration of all department’s core activities & internal processes. As every process is followed and monitored in a shared digital platform, the manager can easily capture all member’s activities and working status, thus finding more room for process improvement.

Forum for more effective communication & staff engagement

Since social networks & forums have been popular ways people engage with each other on the internet, this can be a potential solution to keep staff engaged in the corporate community & strengthen their sense of belonging.

Our work includes the development of:

  • Employee’s individual page: inspired by the forums’ profile page, the individual is where each staff member can blog, follow other colleges, observe, or get notified about the latest activities.
  • Forum: where employees can engage in numerous types of communications, from work discussion to informal threads such as minigame participation, items buying/selling, etc
  • F&Q: allows staff to post & answer questions that are relevant to their skills, professions, or even corporate life.


The introduction of the new intranet has actively helped the end-client solve their large-business communication obstacles and enhanced better processes & automation. As noted by the clients, the collaboration between departments has been noticeably improved. They have also witnessed better productivity among employees, especially ever since the release of the system’s mobile version.

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