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Rikkei Messenger

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In a communication in each business, the need for Information Security plays an important role. Hence, the customer wants to develop an internal chat application with higher security than existing applications on the market.

Team size

21 members:

– BA: 2

– PM: 1

– Tech Lead: 2

– Designer: 2

– Dev: 10

– Tester: 4


Rikkei Messenger’s secure chat application is an internal communication support solution for businesses and organizations with high information security and safety requirements. The application allows users to:

– Chat 1-1, group chat

– Multimedia support

– Voice/video call

– Contacts, organization chart

– Integrate utilities for businesses such as task management, meeting management, internal communication.


E2E – Signal Protocol – WebRTC – Socket – Mobile app: kotlin, swift


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Feedback Summary

Rikkei Messenger application was born and received a very enthusiastic response. The application meets requirements, especially regarding information security. The App was directly applied at Rikkei and trusted at the 8th session of the 14th National Assembly in 2019.

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