B2B Insurance Company Goes B2C With A Web App

A Japan-focused insurance firm wanted to modernize its insurance selling channels through a mobile-first web app, making the purchasing process less cumbersome for the company’s salespeople and their customers.

About the Client

Mobile app
UI/UX design

This article describes a real-life project. However, we cannot disclose our client’s name for privacy purposes.

The client is an old-school insurance company that has been in the Vietnamese insurance market for over 25 years, bringing a diverse portfolio of insurance products, from personal to enterprise solutions.

However, the client company primarily dealt with enterprises before this project, with few personal customers. Expanding to the B2C market, the client partner with other corporations & enterprises whose users fit their targeted audience.

Due to this, the client wanted to create a new web-based platform that is convenient and friendly to personal users. Rikkeisoft was hired to develop and provide maintenance services for the project, while another company consulted the client on matters relating to digital conversion.

Project Overview




ReactJS, Java, Struts2, Hibernate, AWS




May 2020 - Ongoing


Accessible platform

The customer needed their selling platform to be accessible and simple to B2C customers. Ideally, the platform would not require registration and be optimized for mobile phones. It would also have convenient payment options so customers could easily interact and purchase everything through the Internet.

System security

Unlike traditional sales channels, doing business online carries with it the risk of having customer data stolen through various means. As there would be huge amounts of information going through the sales platform, security must be up to standard to protect private customer information from prying eyes. Ensuring each transaction happens securely is the premier priority in developing the sales platform.


An insurance web-app

No registration needed

The client worked with its existing partners for lists of customers it could reach out to, increasing its market share and sales of non-life insurance products. This also helps the web app, as the lists are utilized for customer information and data during sign-up, significantly reducing onboarding time for first-time users. The app can also be embedded into the partners’ websites & apps, making it even easier for their users to sign up without any hassle.

AWS-based infrastructure

Since the project did not require the implementation of physical servers on-premise, the team chose to build the sales platform on Amazon Web Services, a computing service provided by Amazon. With over 200 products and services included in the suite, the development team can utilize the most fitting features for the project. Using AWS also alleviates the difficulties of protecting customer data, as AWS offers both basic and paid data security as part of its services.

Mobile-first design

The platform is developed as a web-based application for easy access on computers and phones. However, the UX and UI design prioritizes smartphone accessibility since it is where more people would purchase the client’s products. The web app was then easily ported over to mobile devices. Within the app, multiple payment gateways were integrated, allowing users to pay for the products without hassle.


The online selling channel and mobile app were fully implemented, with every function that the client asked for and more – Rikkeisoft was asked to continue working on updates for the app post-release to further perfect it. The client was pleased with how fast the developers understood the assignment and will not hesitate to work with Rikkeisoft again should the opportunity arise.

mockup product
Login interface and functionalities of the web application
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