HeroVerse NFT Game

HeroVerse NFT Game

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With NFT games and Blockchain technology development, Rikkeisoft has partnered with Hiker Studio – one of the top online game companies in VietNam with more than 12 years of experience, to create the HeroVerse project.




HeroVerse is the first Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Game on Binance Smart Chain. The game does not only provide a relaxing and entertaining experience of the Match-3 genre but also keeps the RPG’s signature elements of exploring and looting. In this game, players can form a squad of 4 heroes to enter the battle, explore the lore of the adventure and earn crypto reward. Each hero will be assigned a crypto medal and the power of hero will increase or decrease by the movement of cryptocurrency prices.

Highlights of HeroVerse:

Instead of playing model Play to earn, Heroverse concentrates on player’s experience inside and outside the game to create a balance between playing game and making money Crypto Hero: as a support feature to increase Hero’s power by cryptocurrency price movement Game economic. HeroVerse has two type of tokens: HER (pre-minted token) and HES ( unlimited token)

The economy in game always has the balance mechanism between players and the amount of Heroes generated

Earn mechanism: Trading: Sale Heroes and item at the Marketplace.

Renting: Players can rent out their hero for profit. The rental price will depend on the hero’s value in the market.

Gacha: Lucky spin function, players will be profitable if they are lucky enough to open valuable rare heroes.

Reward: Player can earn token via quest pvp, tower conquest, clan event.



  • HeroVerse NFT Game HeroVerse NFT Game HeroVerse NFT Game HeroVerse NFT Game HeroVerse NFT Game


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Feedback Summary

Over a month after IDO, HeroVerse is now on its way to becoming an accomplishment story for our development team. On IDO day, HeroVerse’s original token sucessfully entered the top 1 on Dextool after only 17 minutes of launch. Starting with Hero Sale Ver 1, originally planned to sell 10.000 boxes in 7 days but already sold out in just one day which shows great interest from players.  A few years ago, in mid-October, HeroVerse released a beta on multiple devices ( mobile phone and PC) and had already attracted 10.000 downloads and over 2.000 active players. Moreover, on Nov 7th, the $ HES token received notable recognition, including top 1 biggest gainer on coinmarketcap and top 1 trending on Dextool

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