Leverage the central tenets of blockchain technology to bring transparency, data security and decentralization to revolutionary software solutions.

Blockchain Services

Rikkeisoft provides a myriad of flexible blockchain solutions that fully prepare you for a decentralized world:

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi leverages blockchain technologies to create an open and trustless financial platform that is superior to traditional systems, accessible, functional anywhere and anytime. Some use cases of DeFi applications:




Decentralized Exchange


NFT Games

NFT Games are blockchain-based video games where players can own in-game items in NFT format. Players get to possess what they win in video games. Your in-game items, characters, or even your user profile, are immutable assets on the blockchain that you can use for trading activities on NFT marketplaces.

NFT Marketplace

Just like any asset, you can do anything you want with your NFTs, such as owning, displaying, or even selling them..

Thanks to blockchain technologies, we can build NFT marketplaces that allow consumers to trade their digital assets freely, empowering creators and developers to create new digital products.

Blockchain Features

Blockchain enables us to build innovative solutions that help businesses thrive from decentralized infrastructures.



We can use blockchain to implement end-to-end encryption thanks to the immutable transactions record. In addition, RikkeiSoft’s blockchain solution can nullify malicious attacks, fraud, and unauthorized activities with a trustless and decentralized network infrastructure.



You can monitor the entire transaction history of the blockchain network. Many blockchains are decentralized and transparent, thus allowing anyone to see live transactions. Furthermore, the records stored on the blockchain are encrypted. Users of blockchains can remain anonymous while preserving transparency.


Automation, Efficiency & Speed

With blockchain, we can create Smart Contracts – agreements between two or more parties in the form of computer code. Smart Contracts promote automation, thus improving the efficiency and the speed of transactions for business organizations.

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