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QES Corp.

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QES Corp.

Mr. Saitoh Makoto
Executive Officer, CTO

As a subsidiary of QUICK Corporation, a financial information distribution company in the Nikkei Group, QES develops and operates the company’s financial information service systems, designs and manages information networks, and sells information equipment and software. The company is also involved in the planning, designing, and constructing of corporate office buildings and financial institution interiors.

Wanting access to high-quality software development at a reasonable price, the company chose Rikkeisoft, home to excellent Vietnamese IT engineers, as its offshore development partner.

Mr. Saitoh, the one in charge of QES’ offshore development, is interviewed today about offshoring in Vietnam and Rikkeisoft’s support for the project

Vietnam - Vibrant development environment

Please tell us about your role in QES.

Mr. Saitoh: I am in charge of the System Development Division, the main department for system development for QUICK Corporation. I am also in charge of offshore operations for the company.

What made your company decide to pursue offshore development?

Mr. Saitoh: Cost efficiency was the primary reason. Japanese developers’ costs were rising, so we outsourced development to China about 7 to 8 years ago. In recent years, however, the development price in China has also been rising. After carefully evaluating several alternatives, we decided that Vietnam was the best option and moved our development efforts to Vietnam.

Other than Vietnam, what was your impression of other countries?

Mr. Saitoh: We have looked into countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Cambodia, but concerns were raised about the development environment of these countries. Previously, I have heard stories of Japanese manufacturers encountering issues because of unstable power supplies, lack of proper Internet connectivity, etc. Considering those risks, Vietnam was the only good choice between offshore destinations.

What made Vietnam stand out from other countries?

Mr. Saitoh: I think it’s the environment and the people. I have been to Vietnam many times, not only for work but also for my personal leisure. The cities and their denizens are full of life, which makes me feel energized every time. When younger members of our team go to Vietnam on business trips, they always come back more inspired than before.

In Vietnam, I often have the opportunity to go out for drinks with local IT engineers, who are all very friendly. They are also very serious about their work and are always eager to learn more. That is why the workplace always has a fun and cheerful atmosphere. Regarding the development environment, Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most stable countries.

In addition to things like performance, you also consider actually visiting your offshore locations very important, right?

Mr. Saitoh: I do think it is important, yes. Briefings from managers are not enough, you have to see how they work on-site to know if you have made the right decision. When choosing a partner, I think a lively workplace and the developers’ joy as they work can be decisive factors.

QES Co., Ltd. 2

Best developers, all the time

What are your impressions of Rikkei Japan and Rikkeisoft’s engineers in Vietnam?

Mr. Saitoh: Compared to other companies, the overall level of expertise of Rikkeisoft’s engineers is much higher. Other companies would initially assign us top-tier IT engineers with excellent technical and Japanese abilities, but as the number of developers needed increases over time, an inevitable skill gap between developers occurs. This does not happen when we work with Rikkeisoft, as their developers’ skill level is equally high.

We currently have about 40 developers from Rikkeisoft. Under strong and responsible leadership, the team independently manages their project’s technical aspects, scheduling, and other related matters. I appreciate that they would constantly update their detailed progress, even though just reporting that they are behind schedule is contractually okay.

Moreover, Rikkeisoft’s leaders have excellent Japanese conversational skills. They do not need interpreters, instead directly conveying project information, specifications, and intentions. Subtle nuances are not lost during our conversations.

At Rikkeisoft, we provide our full assistance to developers as they learn and obtain Japanese language and IT-related certifications so that they can work with Japanese partners. Additionally, employee-run workshops and study sessions are also supported by the company. Thanks to this, Rikkeisoft has reached 1600 employees, with the number of developers in Japan growing daily. This, in turn, is reflected in the overall level of our developer base.

Mr. Saitoh: To add to that, the abundance of developers also helped us a lot. We might ask for 10 engineers with specific skill sets for a project and would immediately have them assigned to us. In this industry, it is common to be told to wait for months since the suitable developer is already on-site at a different company. Because of this, I feel like Rikkeisoft not only has a vast pool of IT talent but also an impeccable ability to coordinate within themselves. Of course, their technical abilities are solid, and it helps that no one leaves the company in the middle of a project.

QES Co., Ltd. 2

Passionate workers, passionate people

What are your future plans for Vietnam offshore development?

Mr. Saitoh: Currently, our partnership with Rikkeisoft is one of “doing what they’re told” but since starting out, we have built a trusting relationship over a long time. I think it would be interesting in the future to collaborate as equals, such as brainstorming and designing new product ideas together. After all, Rikkeisoft’s developers are passionate. They are highly energetic and eager to learn more about their work, something I hope my younger team members can pick up on. It would be ideal if we could exchange developers so that both sides can motivate each other and improve themselves even more.

Customer Profile


12F KABUTO ONE, 7-1 Nihonbashi Kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


March 1st, 1983


¥250,000,000 ($1,800,000) (2022)


¥11,400,000,000 ($80,826,000)

Number of Employees:

230 (4/2022)

Main Business Activities:

  • Development and operation of QUICK Corporation’s financial information system
  • Design, construction, and maintenance of information networks
  • Sales of information equipment and software
  • Planning, design, and construction of corporate office buildings and financial institution interiors


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