September 19, 2022


Titan Hunters, one of the potential game blockchain of Rikkeisoft, successfully attended Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS 2022)  from September 15 to 18. During the expo, the project received more than hundreds of visits, organized two talk shows about GameFi. The project’s presence at TGS 2022 has renewed the vitality of GameFi in public eyes and proved that blockchain gaming is fully capable of attracting and converting traditional gamers into GameFi enthusiasts.

Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s biggest gaming expos in the world, held in four days from September 15 to 18, 2022 in the Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. The main focus of the show is on Japanese games, but is also open for foreign gaming firms. The show attracts millions of visitors each year, thus becoming a golden opportunity for any rising project to enter the most active gaming market in the world.

Titan Hunters, one of the potential game blockchain of Rikkeisoft, successfully attended Tokyo Game Show 2022 .

Titan Hunters has risen in popularity in Japan when it reached Top #3 in the App Store, became viral on Twitter Japan and got featured in over 50 big Japanese newspapers. Heading to TGS 2022, Titan Hunters Team’s goal is to educate Japanese gamers about GameFi, aiming for converting traditional gamers into GameFi enthusiasts. The team also wanted to express gratitude toward Japanese gamers for supporting Titan Hunters, thus further strengthening the relationship between the team and local community.

The Team has been preparing before Tokyo Game Show 2022 from talk shows, minigames and hundreds of gift sets for visitors. And the team’s efforts have bore fruits. The events successfully took place and brought out incredible results. 

Thousands of TGS 2022 attendees have visited events at Titan Hunters Booth. The team has deployed print-ads and distributed brochures to visitors to educate them about P2E games and Titan Hunters. Any questions from visitors will be answered by the staff instantly. After that, people have a chance to participate in two minigames. In the minigame “Test your skills with Titan Hunters”, they needed to download Titan Hunters on their smartphone and try to pass Stage 10 to earn the reward of sticker sets and merch. 

Another minigame “Check-in with Titan Hunters” also greatly drew visitors’ attention. They only need to take a picture in Titan Hunters Booth and post it on social media with a mandatory hashtag to receive a special gift card, which can be redeemed for a free NFT Gears. 

Game Titan Hunters welcomes gamers around the world to experience.

In total, the two minigames has proved it efficiency when helping the team acquire more new downloads in only four days. The activities also succeed in educating traditional gamers about the prominence of GameFi, receiving a huge numbers of positive responses. Statistically, 100 visitors have said that they are willing to become a GameFi enthusiast, starting with Titan Hunters.

The highlights of Titan Hunters at TGS 2022 lies in the two talk shows featuring CEO Vu Duy Tiep and the project’s ambassadors. In the first talk show: “GameFi – This You Need To Know”, Mr. Tiep and the ambassadors took turns guiding newcomers to the new world of GameFi industry.  The second talk show took place on Sep 18 focused on a more in-depth topic: “What’s next for GameFi?”, providing the audience with some predictions of the GameFi market in the future.

CEO of Titan Hunters predicts, this niche is gradually expanding as more quality projects are planned to launch and get freedom in the game economy. “It is also likely that most games will transition into the metaverse in the future. This is explained when the technology giants have been making strategic moves in recent times”, Mr. Tiep said.

Game Titan Hunters has attracted 860 thousand downloads and 140 thousand users.

With Blockchain technology at its core, P2E structure, asset ownership and NFT – this series is the perfect recipe for unimaginable prospects. Stating that GameFi is the balance between game experience and economic motivation, the representative of Titan Hunters emphasized, a GameFi project can only exist if there is good gameplay, providing a positive and special experience. community consciousness.

“This formula sounds simple, but to create a successful GameFi project is not easy because the majority of players looking for GameFi focus on return of capital. Thus, it is not a sustainable mindset,” said Vu Duy Tiep.

Eventually, many visitors admitted that the talk shows have changed their perspective about GameFi to an extent while many felt relieved about the future of the GameFi industry. 

The success of Titan Hunters at TGS 2022 has renewed the vitality of GameFi in public eyes thanks to the team’s efforts in delivering knowledge in a straightforward  but understandable manner. That results perfectly aligned with the team’s scheme “Mass Blockchain Adoption”, which focuses on educating people about the blockchain industry to prepare them for an innovative future. 

Game Titan Hunters has attracted 860 thousand downloads and 140 thousand users.

In terms of user acquisition, the team’s attendance at TGS 2022 proved that blockchain gaming is fully capable of attracting and converting traditional gamers into GameFi enthusiasts. The team strongly believes that anyone can join GameFi as long as they can approach official and truthful information about this innovative market.

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