June 9, 2023

RKTech Welcomes Mr. Henri Richard as New Advisor

RKTech, Rikkeisoft’s North American subsidiary, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Henri Richard as the newest member of its Board of Advisors. With over 40 years of experience in Worldwide Sales & Marketing in semiconductor and deep-tech sectors, Mr. Richard brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to further enhance RKTech’s growth and market presence.

RKTech Welcomes Mr. Henri Richard as New Advisor
RKTech Welcomes Mr. Henri Richard as New Advisor

Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Richard has held several high-profile positions, showcasing his exceptional leadership and strategic planning acumen. He served as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales at IBM, where he was crucial in driving global sales initiatives for some of IBM’s core products at that time. Later, he held executive positions at AMD, Freescale, and SanDisk Corp., cementing his place as a well-versed and respected professional in the semiconductor industry. During his tenure at Freescale, he played a critical role in growing the company’s Sales department, leading to a high-valuation acquisition of Freescale by NXP, a major player in semiconductor production.

Mr. Richard also served as a board member at Ultratech, prior to its sale to Veeco, where he chaired its Compensation Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee, and Business Development Committee, further building his legacy in the semiconductor industry and technology sector before moving to more advisory positions. Currently, he acts as Vice President and Executive Partner at Gartner, where he assists CSOs, CCOs, CROs, and Heads of Sales globally in leveraging the power of the Global CSO practice.

As he has been involved in technology for most of his career, Mr. Richard is eager to offer valuable insights to companies with high growth potential. Because of this, he has taken on a role as one of Jolt Capital operating partners, a private equity firm specializing in deep and environmentally sustainable technology investments, enabling mid-sized companies and startups to grow in a risk-reduced environment effectively. By partnering himself with RKTech and Rikkeisoft, Mr. Richard has shown confidence in our capabilities, believing that the two companies can grow even further.

In his new role as an advisor at RKTech, Mr. Richard will play a pivotal role in expanding the client network and fostering new business opportunities. His extensive experience in the technology sector will be instrumental in representing RKTech and establishing strategic partnerships. Additionally, Mr. Richard will leverage his industry insights to work with the Board of Managers at RKTech and Rikkeisoft, providing invaluable guidance for their growth and development.

Moreover, Mr. Richard will spearhead RKTech’s efforts in identifying and pursuing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunities with IT consulting firms. His expertise in this area will enable RKTech to strengthen its market position and enhance its service offerings.

With the addition of Mr. Henri Richard to their advisory team, RKTech, and Rikkeisoft are poised for further success in the technology sector. The company remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and expanding its reach in the market, benefiting clients and partners alike.

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