March 6, 2023

RKTech Brings Rikkeisoft Closer to North America

The statement was made by Rikkeisoft’s Chairman Ta Son Tung on the establishment of RKTech – Rikkeisoft’s first subsidiary in the US. This is considered a new chapter of the company in the global market. 

The establishment of RKTech is noteworthy as it helps Rikkeisoft expand into the US market by offering a diverse array of valuable technology solutions and services, and enhancing its support for existing and new North American clients. 

The BOD of RKTech.

With a comprehensive portfolio of over 500 global clients, Rikkeisoft sets a solid foundation for RKTech to grow further. Together, the two companies boast a dynamic workforce of highly motivated talents with great language proficiency. along with a heightened focus on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, cloud computing, and automatic processing.

RKTech offers NA businesses quality IT services, with highly competitive advantages.

Located in Dallas, one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the US, RKTech’s office is strategically situated to attract and recruit top-tier talent, aiding the company’s expansion efforts. All these contribute to RKTech’s goal to provide its customers with accessible high-quality IT resources from Southeast Asia, presenting another compelling option to destinations such as India or Latin America.

“I highly value the technical competency of engineers from Vietnam”, said Tim Gallagher, founder and former Chairman & CEO of Electronic Transactions Consultants.

“Vietnam will surely become an ideal India+1 destination for American companies seeking high quality and cost competitive technology solutions & services. I firmly believe that RKTech will succeed in the US, earning the trust of Fortune 1000 companies and becoming a powerful solutions & services provider.”

Vietnam has become a prominent outsourcing destination for developed economies, ranking in the top five locations for outsourcing. With an extensive talent pool, a stable socio-economic environment, and low labor costs, Vietnam is attracting businesses that seek professional & affordable tech vendors. In addition, compared to other regions, IT specialists in Vietnam possess valuable qualities such as teamwork, eagerness to learn, and problem-solving skills, making Vietnamese engineers highly desirable in the industry. 

All things considered, RKTech is a solution to timezone & communication challenges between US businesses and our Vietnam-based production teams. The subsidiary is vital to Rikkeisoft’s strategy for achieving long-term growth goals. With a strong team, quality products, and service, RKTech has the potential to become a significant player in the North American tech market.

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