Rikkeisoft won Silver at Information Technology World Award 2022


As one of the few Vietnamese enterprises honored at IT World Award 2022, Rikkeisoft has once again proven that Vietnam’s technology quality and services are up to the world’s standard.

Rikkeisoft has officially won Silver in Information Technology Products and Services category for Large Enterprises. The award is evaluated on the criteria of business operation and growth, the practical effectiveness of technology solutions, and the goal of international expansion.

Rikkeisoft won Silver in the category of IT products & Services for Enterprises (Large).

Mr. Ta Son Tung, Chairman of Rikkeisoft, shared that this is a milestone showing the efforts of Rikkeisoft and Vietnamese IT enterprises,  to bring the quality of Vietnamese digital products and services to the world. 

In order to achieve its objective of speeding technology innovation for multinational corporations in the APAC area, Rikkeisoft aggressively operates in critical countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, enhancing Vietnam’s value chain in the global market.

Grow by Go-global 

“We will focus on going global, not only increasing Rikkeisoft’s presence in the international market but also the presence of Vietnamese technology on the world map,” Mr. Tung said. 

Sharing about this target, Mr. Tung said that “made in Vietnam” technology products are not widely recognized and applied globally (although many businesses with large domestic resources are making efforts). He affirmed that Vietnam is at the forefront of new technology trends.

Like many other Vietnamese IT enterprises, Rikkeisoft conducts R&D and cooperates with global partners to provide digital platforms and solutions to serve many domestic and international businesses and users. Technology products and solutions have proven practical effectiveness when applied to the digital transformation roadmap. 

Rikkeisoft is 2022 Globee Awards Silver Winner Information Technology.

Despite the growing desire for digital transformation, the lack of IT talents and high prices are preventing many businesses from implementing digital strategies. With a workforce of more than 1,500 experienced IT professionals and a top-notch IT infrastructure, Rikkeisoft hopes to fill this market vacancy. 

“Winning the Silver Award in the first participation, Rikkeisoft hopes this is a good signal that the technology solutions of Rikkeisoft and  Vietnamese IT units are positively received from the global markets,” Mr. Ta Son Tung shared.


The IT World Awards® is an award honoring quality IT businesses worldwide. The results are evaluated by more than 170 judges who are world-leading technology experts to find the most innovative and breakthrough products and solutions. Big technology corporations such as IBM, Samsung, and Cisco attended the award.

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Rikkeisoft won Silver at Information Technology World Award 2022