October 29, 2020


Rikkeisoft marks another milestone in its long list of achievements by announcing that we have officially transitioned from a limited company to a corporation.



This decision comes on top of us having reached 68 billion VND in terms of charter capital, a value close to 3 million USD, and a long distance away from the 1 billion VND we started with in 2012. With these two moments in hand, Rikkeisoft stands now more than ever ready to take on the world and prove that Vietnamese engineers can compete internationally with other more established nations.


As we enter the joint stock phase of our operations, the Rikkeisoft family is recommiting itself to developing high-quality products for its customers, ensuring the prosperity of all of its team members, and reaching 10,000 employees by 2025.


An ambition like this is neither difficult nor impossible for the Rikkeisoft team; after all, we’ve met other high-target goals on our way to the top. For example, in 2014, we were able to turn our starting 1 billion VND charter capital into 5 billion. Not only that, but in 2018, we reached 500 people, doubling that number to 1000 in 2019. Not even Covid-19 can stop us; despite the hardship wrought by this terrible pandemic, we’ve been able to go full steam ahead, winning awards and finding new clients as we have in the years before the recession.


Now that we are a corporation, these accomplishments will serve as helpful reminders of where we started and what we overcame. In using the same startup spirit that we had when we first had to deal with our company growing pains, we aim to reach the top of not just the Vietnamese IT-industry, but the entire world.

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