August 13, 2020


Over the past 8 years, Rikkeisoft has achieved and experienced many great things. The clever strategies of the Board of Directors and the unity of Rikkei’s officers and employees tell the story of a young enterprise with great aspirations. Its rapid development in the Vietnamese IT industry affirms its position as a reliable partner in the Japanese market. 2020 especially has been a special year for Rikkeisoft, as it was the only Vietnamese enterprise listed in the Japanese Best Venture 100, recognized as a fast-growing business with many contributions toward the Japanese economy.


In the first months of 2020, in the context of a world and economies reeling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized that this was a crucial time: It had to set new goals for itself. As CEO Phan The Dung shared – “For more sustainable growth, Rikkeisoft has to focus not on profit, but on doing proper business. Doing proper business is about creating outstanding value for customers, industry, and society. Doing proper business needs to be about being better than your competitors and taking risks to make good money”.



To achieve those goals, Rikkeisoft is equipping itself with new tools, raising morale for Rikkei people to confidently enter a new era. One of those tools will be developing Rikkeisoft culture. It will be a defining factor of the development and sustainability of the Rikkeisoft enterprise. On the roadmap to development, Rikkeisoft has reshaped our Vision in Becoming the No. 1 Technology Corporation in Vietnam. We focus on our Mission of Raising Vietnamese Value through specific goals such as:

  • Creating outstanding values ​​for customers
  • Focusing on human development, bringing prosperity to each member of the team.
  • Bringing sustainable profits and continuous growth to Rikkeisoft Shareholders
  • Contributing toward human values and the development of society


On the journey of developing a new corporate culture, the Core Values will be key to the success of the Rikkeisoft Vision and Mission. The 5 Core Values ​​of Rikkeisoft are:

  1. Aspiration: To always set challenging goals and fulfill them with the greatest determination.
  2. Continual Self-Improvement: To always carry a spirit of learning to improve continuously and to be ready to receive new opportunities and tasks.
  3. Innovation: To constantly innovate, create new ways of doing, and think differently for the highest level of efficiency.
  4. Dedication: To always work hard for the best results and respect promises made.
  5. Openness: To always be ready to share knowledge, engage, and support others in working toward the growth of the team.

Core values ​​are the spiritual assets of an enterprise, a key in changing the attitude of each employee. It is the glue that holds together a team and the basis for the realization of an enterprise's Vision and Corporate Mission. It is important that all employees, in any role, understand the importance of these values ​​and apply it in everything they do. Let's spread, follow, and remind each other to adhere to these core values. Rikkeisoft hopes to make a change in the thinking and actions of each member by giving standards of behavior, orienting employees towards a new working culture, and developing the Vision, Mission, and Core values ​​that the business is aiming for.

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