Co-founder and Chairman of Rikkeisoft, Mr. Ta Son Tung, is the youngest entrepreneur among 60 Outstanding Entrepreneurs in 2022, honored on October 12.

The award is evaluated based on the process of starting a business, bravery, willpower, creativity to overcome difficulties, national pride, and especially entrepreneurial ethics (creating economic values for society, complying with the law, transparency, fairness, integrity, ingenuity, cooperation, mutual development, responsibility to society and family).

Mr. Ta Son Tung, Chairman of Rikkeisoft is the youngest entrepreneur in top 60 Vietnam entrepreneurs.

The Outstanding Entrepreneurs Awards (Doanh nhân tiêu biểu) is annually organized by the Vietnam Federation of Industry and Commerce (VCCI) to honor the contributions of entrepreneurs in the country. This year, the event was attended by Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Vietnam Head of the Central Economic Commission.

In 2022, the Outstanding Entrepreneurs award was given to 60 entrepreneurs, with the top 10 composed of representatives of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Truong Hai Group Joint Stock Company, GELEXIMCO Group, Minh Long 1 Limited Liability Company, etc.

60 typical entrepreneurs in 2021 have a revenue of over VND 1.2 million billion, equity of over VND 722,000 billion, pay nearly VND 148,000 billion to the State budget, a profit after tax of over VND 70,000 billion, and a number of employees reaching above 251,000 people.

Sharing with VCCI (organizing committee) and featuring on Diễn đàn Doanh nghiệp, for the first time participating in the Vietnam Outstanding Entrepreneur, he realized that the criteria of the Organizing Committee comprehensively assessed the qualities and virtues of a business representative. This quality and integrity are reflected in the process of starting a business, bravery, willpower, creativity to overcome difficulties, and the national pride of today’s young entrepreneurs.

He appreciates the process of promulgating the set of criteria to how the steps are implemented to the awarding stage that VCCI does. One of the criteria I am most impressed with is business ethics and business culture. These are also two prerequisite values ​​that Tung and the Rikkeisoft leadership team constantly cultivate and promote. More specifically, business ethics are practical values, economic values ​​for society, bringing foreign currency to the country, complying with the law, and transparency in business activities.

In the context of economic integration, globalization trends and competition among businesses are undeniable. However, it is the business ethics criteria that help promote transparency and clarity in business activities. Business representatives realize the factor that builds a solid foundation for a business even during hot growth.

In addition, the business culture creates the corporate brand. As a business on the journey to build a national brand for Vietnam’s information technology industry, Rikkeisoft understands this factor is more important than ever. There is no strong brand that is not built on the foundation of the corporate culture. VCCI and the “Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur” Program in 2022 give Rikkeisoft the opportunity to share and spread good intrinsic values ​​to other units. This makes Rikkeisoft very impressed and appreciated.

On the occasion of this recognition, he hopes that, in the coming time, VCCI can give high priority to businesses in the field of information technology in the near future, promoting practical programs to connect businesses with foreign customers and governments. Vietnamese technology enterprises have the opportunity to explore strongly international markets.

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