March 28, 2023

CEO Rikkei Japan: Rikkeisoft is Contributing to Solving Japan’s Aging Population Issues

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Rikkei Japan is the Japanese branch of Rikkeisoft, a Vietnamese IT enterprise that received the IT World Award 2022 for providing technology services and solutions. Rikkei Japan was established in 2016 with the goal of becoming Japan’s leading Vietnamese software development enterprise. CEO of Rikkei Japan, Mr. Bui Quang Huy, who was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018, stated that Rikkei Japan has a team with in-depth knowledge of the Japanese market, which sets it apart from other Vietnamese enterprises in Japan.

CEO of Rikkei Japan Bui Quang Huy.

Interviewer: You are the volunteer to come to Japan and become the representative of Rikkei Japan. What makes you think you can lead and run the company well?

Bui Quang Huy: Rikkeisoft works closely with Japanese businesses and requires a legal entity in Japan to ensure trust and development ability in the Japanese market. As such, Rikkei Japan was established in 2016. Before the establishment of the branch in Japan, I frequently traveled between Japan and Vietnam, which allowed me to interact with many talented individuals who are experts in doing business in Japan, thus inspiring me with new business ideas.

Moreover, I have always been eager to explore different environments and challenge myself. I am confident in my ability to build and manage teams, and my interest in the Japanese market motivated me to volunteer to lead Rikkei Japan. The business environment in Japan is very mature, professional, transparent, and fair, and it is an ideal market to exploit, with a large economy of over 4 trillion USD that has yet to be fully tapped.

Furthermore, I have previously studied in Japan and I am familiar with the language and culture, which gives me a deeper understanding of the country and its people. Building trust and maintaining long-term commitments is essential when working with Japanese clients, and I am confident that I can meet these expectations and excel in the Japanese market.

Huy and his teams are in a meeting.

Interviewer: The IT market in Japan is huge and highly competitive. Do you think that Vietnam’s IT staff could cause the Japanese market to lose its advantage over other countries?

Bui Quang Huy: Currently, the IT market in Japan has a significant demand for human resources. According to the Japanese Ministry of Economy’s forecast, they will need over 300,000 IT engineers each year, and this demand will only increase due to the aging problem. Entering the Japanese market is challenging, but many Vietnamese businesses have not yet tried. China successfully entered the Japanese market, but its economy has since developed, and they no longer need to export to Japan.

Even China’s IT personnel tend to be equal to or better than Japan’s. As a result, Japanese businesses began to look to Vietnam (the “China +1” wave) to find a market that could provide IT personnel at a more reasonable cost. Fortunately, Rikkeisoft is in a good position to take advantage of this trend.

Vietnam’s economy is now similar to China’s ten years ago. The economy is growing, the standard of living is improving, and Vietnam’s IT salaries have become much more competitive. The Vietnamese software industry is much stronger than a decade ago.

Interviewer: As you mentioned, human resources are essential for creating a competitive advantage. So, how does Rikkei Japan differentiate itself from competitors and acquire high-quality personnel?

Bui Quang Huy: In Vietnam, many people are very active. However, when companies enter other markets, the challenge is whether there are enough people and whether they have the required skills. Five years ago, Rikkei Japan focused on cost, but now the focus is on technology capabilities and human resources.

To acquire a good number of employees, Rikkei Japan has implemented excellent welfare regimes and training programs to develop personnel. Additionally, IT personnel needs to understand new technologies and languages. Foreign language ability is essential, but more than that, they need to be able to understand problems and communicate effectively.

The last aspect is having a product development and problem-solving mindset. Most Vietnamese engineers are skilled at creating products for testing and quickly solving problems as they arise. However, they need to learn to think about making a system that can handle millions of users and be maintained for decades. This is where they can learn from Japanese colleagues. Conversely, the Japanese can learn from the Vietnamese in terms of decisiveness and speed.

In conclusion, Rikkei Japan invests heavily in its team’s communication ability, working style, and technical ability to acquire a sufficient quantity and quality of IT personnel. This investment is crucial for Rikkeisoft to develop sustainably in the long term.

Rikkei Japan focuses on personnel quality, trust and substainable development.

Interviewer: Participating in a challenging market like Japan, what strategy has Rikkei Japan used to operate powerfully?

Bui Quang Huy: The first strategy Rikkei Japan uses is prestige, always committed to going with customers in the long term. This is the most important philosophy when doing business in Japan.

The second strategy is to show that the company always has the will to strive and grow. Then, customers will trust and stick with you longer.

The third strategy is the element of quality. In addition to building relationships, when implementing projects together, their ability to develop products must be very good, so that customers have a reason to stick with them.

In fact, Rikkei Japan is more than just outsourcing, Rikkei has consulted and solved the problems customers give. Although the problem could be clearer, Rikkeisoft can still give clear advice and solutions. provide detailed proposals to solve those problems.


Interviewer: Rikkei Japan continuously encourages and sends many employees to Japan to work. Is bringing high-quality labor to Japan to change the way Japanese people view Vietnamese people?

Bui Quang Huy: Everyone knows that sending workers to Japan to improve their capacity benefits both themselves and the company. By bringing many high-quality Vietnamese workers to Japan and creating value for the aging Japanese society, it is certain that the Japanese will view Vietnamese people in a different light, improving the image of Vietnamese people when viewed from outside

Furthermore, Rikkeisoft has a profound goal. Vietnam’s population structure is in the golden ratio period, with a young labor force. However, this advantage will disappear in 10-20 years, and Vietnam will face the same population aging problem as China today and Japan 40 years ago. Therefore, it is crucial to seize this moment to improve the level of Vietnamese people. If this opportunity is not taken advantage of immediately, there may be no more opportunities in the future.”

Rikkei Japan is sending many high-quality workers to Japan with the goal of providing these workers and their families with overseas experiences. This will benefit an entire generation in the long run, as their children will have more exposure to developed economies.

While everyone wants to go to Japan for a while and then return to contribute to the country, it is essential to realize that this is a unique time for development for both the current and next generations. Each country has its own development cycle, and for less developed countries like Vietnam, it is crucial to take advantage of this opportunity for growth.”

Of course, everyone wants to go to Japan for a while and then return to contribute to the country. This is natural. It is essential to realize that this is a unique time to develop for this generation and the next generation. Each country has its own development cycle, minimal and late countries like Vietnam, so take that as a lesson and opportunity for development.

After 7 years of operation in Japan, Rikkei Japan has made a strong contribution to the community in Japan by sponsoring associations and building Vietnamese villages in Japan. Are the effects of these activities as expected by you and Rikkeisoft’s leadership team?

Vietnamese enterprises operating strongly abroad, especially in the high-tech industry, will obviously increase the level of national recognition (Vietnam) in the host country. From small things such as increasing the percentage of high-quality visas for Vietnamese people and vigorously promoting the voice of the Vietnamese knowledge community to macro problems about the relationship between the two countries.

Vietnamese Village in Japan is a dream that we are promoting with the desire that Vietnamese brothers live together, work in some fields, so we can share many things. The first thing that can be seen is to overcome the situation of being away from home.

In fact, when people are far away from home, they will gradually get used to it, and having brothers and sisters to share with each other will help a lot. Rikkei Japan has a dormitory for all the brothers, where they have a lot of fun, cook Vietnamese food together, and have a weekend party.

In addition, Rikkei Japan also has a table tennis tournament and a badminton tournament to unite the crystals into brothers. The construction of such a Vietnamese village in Japan is not only about accommodation but also practical in solving spiritual problems, creating opportunities for brothers to exchange and interact with the community.

As planned, Rikkei Japan will soon open more cafes and possibly Vietnamese-style restaurants to enrich the Vietnamese village in Japan. More ideas will be implemented when the Vietnamese town in Japan is crowded.

One of the things to be proud of is that Rikkei Japan sponsors a scientific anthology of Vietnamese people in Japan. The anthology contains many scholarly and core technology research projects that Vietnamese professors are researching in Japan. Or like Rikkei Japan, it also organizes the Vietnam Summit in Japan periodically, bringing together thousands of excellent Vietnamese children living in Japan.

Further, we currently cooperate with the association of Vietnamese professors at prestigious schools in Japan and the association of highly qualified professionals working at large corporations and multinational corporations in Japan. Brothers sit together to see if this generation, this community, can join hands to do something useful for the country.

Rikkei Japan wants to show the Japanese that Vietnam has a large community, has great knowledge, works in Japan, and contributes to creating value for Vietnam – Japan. At that time, the Japanese looked at it and called it more respect for the Vietnamese.

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