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From the moment Rikkeisoft was founded to this very day, our people have always driven the company’s growth. Without them, it would have been impossible to achieve this level of quality we are presenting to our global clients.


Tran Lan Anh

Director of Business Development of RKTech

Anh Tran is a highly accomplished marketing and strategic business development professional who holds a Master of Marketing degree from Clemson University. With over 12 years of extensive experience, Anh Tran has demonstrated her prowess as an agile and results-oriented marketing, business development and strategy executive.

During her career, Anh Tran has been a driving force behind the success of major Vietnamese companies in the technology industry in the US market. One of the standout achievements in Anh Tran’s career was her pivotal role in the acquisition of an Atlanta-based consulting firm by her previous company. This strategic move not only solidified their presence in the market but also enabled them to secure their historically biggest client.

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