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From the moment Rikkeisoft was founded to this very day, our people have always driven the company’s growth. Without them, it would have been impossible to achieve this level of quality we are presenting to our global clients.

Ngo Minh Quan

Ngo Minh Quan

CEO of Rikkei Digital
CDO of Rikkeisoft

Ngo Minh Quan is Chief of Digital Officer in Rikkeisoft and Top 10 young Vietnamese technology leaders in 2021. He helps Rikkeisoft set and execute digital initiatives that will monetize data, drive digital revenue, optimize operations and create new business value. In addition to technical know-how and familiarity with advanced technologies, he has the business mindset and extensive management experience to drive the enormous task of digital innovation, strategy and transformation companywide.

He also is CEO of Rikkei Digital, which is a subsidiary of Rikkeisoft to focus on consulting and developing digital transformation solutions, such as Digital Workplace, Digital ID, Digital Platform.


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