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From the moment Rikkeisoft was founded to this very day, our people have always driven the company’s growth. Without them, it would have been impossible to achieve this level of quality we are presenting to our global clients.

Hoang Minh Bau

Hoang Minh Bau

CDO of Rikkeisoft

Hoang Minh Bau has proved himself to be an empathic, disciplinarian leader with a strong growth mindset. Having nearly 10 years of experience in software engineering & project management, he has built highly productive delivery teams that results in corporate’s breaking revenue records & 90%+ project satisfaction rates. In addition, his work has strengthened Rikkeisoft’s brand as a top reliable technology provider in APAC region while laying the foundation for our global expansion.

As the Chief Delivery Officer, Bau is committed to driving further growth of Rikkeisoft in Japan, making us the country’s most successful Vietnam-based technology company.

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