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From the moment Rikkeisoft was founded to this very day, our people have always driven the company’s growth. Without them, it would have been impossible to achieve this level of quality we are presenting to our global clients.

Dang Thai Hoa

Dang Thai Hoa

CEO of Rikkeisoft

Founding Member

Since 2024, Hoa has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer at Rikkeisoft, a leading technology firm recognized for its innovative and effective solutions in the IT industry. From 2019, as the Deputy General Director, where he was entrusted with executive leadership responsibilities.

Hoa has been at the forefront of integrating advancing technologies into our business model, focusing particularly on Artificial Intelligence. Leading Rikkei AI, a dedicated subsidiary of Rikkeisoft, Hoa spearheaded the research and development of cutting-edge AI products tailored for business applications.

As CEO, his focus remains on driving Rikkeisoft towards greater heights of success, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technological advancements and continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients worldwide.

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