Work at Rikkei


Rikkeisoft is becoming one of the top technology enterprises in the region. We provide our employees with the right tools, spaces, and opportunities to develop their skillset. Our mission is to help everyone understand the intimate relationship between technology and humanity and help them fall in love with their job.

For people, by people

Driven by the philosophy of 'For the people, by the people', Rikkeisoft is committed to supporting an individual's career from start to finish - not only by providing our employees with clear job guidelines, but also with the education, community, and connections required to unlock their full potential.

Our Value

All In

Each Rikkeisofter is encouraged to be proactive and self-disciplined. We take ownership, recognize that everyone is worth listening to, and that Rikkei’s voice matters within the advanced technology community.

Build together

When we win, we win together. We value teamwork and cooperation over individual showmanship, and recognize that we are part of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Always moving forward

Every day matters. We strive to learn new things, to apply modern technology into our own lives, to work hard, and to live passionately.

People first

We stay rooted in our mission to help everybody understand how technology plays a key role in changing people's lives. Thus, what we are doing brings meaningful and beautiful things to life. From outsourcing to product, we put both soul and heart into our projects.


We are an open and honest team which actively seeks and value diverse perspectives.

Do it right

We strive for integrity in all aspects of our company. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We take a mindful approach to how we work together and what we build.

Working Life


We offer generous vacation time, supportive medical leave options, and paid parental leave so you can take the time you need with your new addition.


Our team’s health and wellness comes first. "Rikkei-care" fully covers benefit premiums and offer perks such as gym membership and a beautiful office to create an environment where you can do your best work.


We value the members of our team and their stake in what we are building: we pay competitive wages. When we win, we win together.


Open Jobs



ロール:先生1人 勤務地:ハノイ 給料: 申込締切:2019年9月15日


ロール:開発者10人<br> 勤務地:ハノイ<br> 給料:1か月23万円<br>


ロール:開発者5名 勤務地:ハノイ 給料:1500$から


"ロール:開発者10名 勤務地:ハノイ 給料:1800$まで 申込締切:2019年09月30日"


ロール:SQA(ソフトウェア品質保証) 10名 勤務地:ハノイ 給料:1500$まで


ロール:BA5名 勤務地:ハノイ 給料:600~1500$


ロール:SQA-2 職場:ダナン 給与:交渉可能



"ロール:BrSE(ブリッジSE)5名 勤務地:日本 給料:最低2500$ 申込締切:2019年10月1日"


"ロール:開発者5名 勤務地:日本 給料:年間3百万~4百万円 申込締切:2019年07月30日"